E3 2016 Sony First Party Studios - What We Know So Far

PSLS: "E3 2016 is quickly approaching and this means one thing: new games! Every year, dozens of games are announced in the city of angels. Needless to say, it’s a pretty exciting time to be a gaming enthusiast. Instead of wild speculation, I want to take a fact-based approach in order to give educated guesses (based on job listings, announcements, etc.) on what games first-party Sony studios are working on right now."

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ShadowKnight1793d ago

The reason why I bought a PS4 because of the exclusives and diverse games.

nveenio1793d ago

There's definitely diversity. I love it. Can't wait to see what's in the pipeline. I just hope there are some 2016 surprises.

fromchildren1793d ago

My only reason is JRPGs, Westerners worst enermy because they usually don't have good reception outside asia.

There are exceptions like persona and final fantasy.

Sunny_D1793d ago

GG: More Horizon
Sucker Punch: Spiderman game (please be true)
Dreams: ( want to see more of it)
Santa monica: gow4
Sony Bend: hopefully they can blow us away

S2Killinit1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Really excited for God of War 4 and the rumour that we are getting a new mythology.

Sony bend, blow us away please.

Bathyj1793d ago

Im going to very disappointed if its the same Kratos and the same mythology. Although Ascension was a serviceable game I felt it was already one game too many in the series and it needed a rest. The game needs a reboot, a relocation or to just stop.

Personally Id much prefer a Heavenly Sword 2 than another GoW. Santa Monica should do this.

Jayszen1793d ago

I am sure based on how Sony has delivered in the past, that we are in for a few surprises as well as something totally out of the blue in addition to the expected. In a nutshell, Sony will not let us down insofar as the games are concerned and we should expect some prime announcements at E3. My biggest fear is that now that PSVR is about to become a reality in just over 4 months, Sony will find itself in a situation where games development takes on the spectre 'either' /'or' instead of 'both' and that releases for the PS4 suffer in an attempt to service the PSVR. Not everyone will have the PSVR or be interested in it but most gamers either have or will want the PS4 or the Neo (if it does exist) in which case games are required!

joeorc1793d ago

Good thing is many PSVR development games also allow you to play PSVR games without PSVR.

You can in fact play some of the PSVR games being shown off @ E3 this year as you would be as you would any standard PS4 Games.

1793d ago
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