Should Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Have Been an Open World Game?

Hardcore Gamer: After playing through Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the good but not great reboot of the cult-favorite first-person parkour IP, a number of questions arise.

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blackblades1799d ago

Na, it shouldn't had been open world. Should of stay the same but they listen to people that didn't even care about the series to begin with.

deadwiseman851799d ago

Not every game has to be open world to be good. My favourite games like the last of us uc4, wolvernstein they where epic. But games like the wicher 3 also in my top 5 needed to be open world. It depends on story and setting. Mirrors edge would get very boring if it was open world. I loved the first one.

Salooh1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Let's try it first before judging completely :). I feel like it doesn't get what it deserve. Too much judging. Compare it to any "parkour" game and this will destroy them all. So give this one a chance.

Gameplay = We all saw the improvements ( just worried about the difficulty )
Graphics = Hyper Graphics settings looks jaw dropping ( don't forget that it is an open world ).
Story = It must be better than the first game.

It is silly to expect deep quest system when this is the first time they do an open world, they focused on making mirror's edge an open world, that's very hard to do and achieve so give them credit. It is like expecting MGSV to not have repetitive quests , very wrong and unrealistic analyzing which lead to disappointment.

You can judge them next time. But they have an excuse this time( Or at least just for me ). Open world is definitely the right way for such game. It is a brave move. Sad that you people have this reaction instead of encouraging them to evolve..

All hope for a proper sequel ( The best parkour game ever ) is in sales now.

Zorkaz1799d ago

I actually strongly disagree with. Catalyst has made many mistakes, namely the story, but it being open world isn't one of them. I'm not saying it wouldn't have been good without the open world, but I think it was an important step for them to make. Especially seeing as it doesn't really have any equals in it's genre in the first place (Dying Light's parkour felt slow and unfluid). Anyway, maybe after playing the game (that I just got today), I'll be able to say more, but the open world is one of the features I'm most excited for.