Why You Should Be Excited For Watch Dogs 2, Seems Inspired By GTA 5

Ubisoft is known for taking massive leaps and bounds with its sequels and here's why you should be excited for the next iteration of Watch Dogs.

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Angeljuice1793d ago

Watchdogs was OK, but it was only treading water before GTA released. I don't have any interest in a new watchdogs game as it was only ever a poor imitation.

JoeMcCallister1793d ago

Good points - the lack of having to backfill for cross-gen, new protagonist that actually looks like a hacker instead of generic angry dude, and the overall aesthetics that SF can bring to the table do give me a bit of hope - and the videos seemed to make the city look pretty good. Here's hoping they stay on the right side of the internet culture line, because it can definitely cross into the "trying too hard" realm quicker than expected. Next week will hopefully give us some more insight.

KindaGrump1793d ago

I'm super excited for it. I really enjoyed WD, so this seems like a more than welcome improvement!

Phil321792d ago

I never played the original based on feedback, but the sequel looks appealing to me.

Ashby_JC1791d ago

The ability to control cars was a HUGE turn off for me at least. No amount of hacking can control a car (regular car)