Searching for Xbox 360 in Japan

A couple of days prior to Microsoft's Xbox 360 press conference in Japan, travels around Tokyo to see if Xbox 360 really is sold out.

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Silogon3702d ago

If Sony lets Micro gain momentum back it's their own damn fault. Sony made it clean through the launch of thelast big RPG for Micro and now they're facing another one. Sony has done this without answering back with something of their own.

It's almost as if Sony is trying to force the Japanese market into liking FPS, Sports games and cookie cutter casual games. It's not a smart move, Sony.

I can "almost" see a turn of events this year. I can almost see Sony winning big in america and Micro winning in Japan. Look how the 2 are positioned for the next 6 months.

Sony -

Little Big Planet
Resistance 2
Motorstorm 2
Killzone 2

Doesn't get anymore mainstream and american than that.

Microsoft -

Fabel 2
Infinite undiscovery
Tales of
Star Ocean

Doesn't get any more japanese than that.

Micrsoft is doing it smart, guys. Like it or not they are.

TheColbertinator3702d ago

But a couple of things...

LBP might actually do well in Japan seeing as how Japan loves casual stuff like Tamagotchis and the Wii.

Fable 2 will not do well in Japan because they don't like Western RPGs.Other than that,good point.

SpecialSauce3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Japanese gamers even buy the PS3 anymore. i mean i LOVE IT but they got very different taste and i got to say all the Asian goods are for the 360. but i guess they know that they'll come eventually. for me when i first got my PS3 i thought it was SHYT. i was even gonna sell it but then i realized that it's PS. and they pulled through two console wars. even when PS was new it still kicked NINTENDO's @$$. something MS failed at. and the PS3 has waaaay more potential than the 360 because it has Blu ray and it's way more powerful so i stuck with it. and it worked out fine.

Deviant3702d ago

"I can almost see [...] Micro winning in Japan"! after selling "well" for two weeks u already see them winning.

mikeslemonade3702d ago

Sony is making the smart move by ignoring Japan and focusing in America where the 360 is a threat to win America for this generation and the generations to come. In Japan there is a depression so they're not going to buy a $400 system like hotcakes if they got a few rpgs and the lust would only last for a few weeks. In America the sales are way larger and they are extended. The sales don't drop drastically very soon after a spike in America.

Once PS3 is cheaper Sony will bring the rpgs. Even the Wii isn't completely soldout in Japan. It's the cheap systems like the DS and PSP that are selling the highest. Also the 360 is far from being soldout in Japan since the japanese gamer doesn't care about online gaming that is why the arcade unit is viable. And as you can see the arcade units aren't sold out. Microsoft is the one that is making the dumb decisions. There biggest annoucement in E3 is FFXIII and now they are buying exclusive RPGs for Japan. They're ignoring the North America gamer where they can sell way more. In Japan no matter what the 360 does it will never sell even close to what it does in America.

Cajun Chicken3702d ago

I have a strong feeling that LBP alone will steal Europe too as well as America in this 'role reversal'. Never has such a accessible, creative, fun gaming experience has existed on a console.

If only Sony can claim some exclusive RPGs, as we have learnt in the recent past Sony can gain sales from Japan; at the moment Sony seem to be solely concentrated on getting America and Europe on board.

Which is great and all, but they really need Japan, but if you own almost the other 3/4 of the worldwide console market(minus Nintendo) they need Japan immediately?

And yes. I seriously see LBP as a serious killer app. No doubt. How many games are aimed for ALL ages, contain no violence and creativity these days whilst having a learning curve?

Theoretically; could LBP also be a killer app in Japan, Would the style appeal to them?

zo6_lover273702d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure there are some ps3 exclusive JRPG's in japan that aren't sold anywhere else.

Pain3702d ago

thats like looking for herpes.....

and @above LBP is Going to EXPLODE in Japan/Europe why??..

1. its Cute and they both luv that kind of stuff .
2. Its a Side scrolling 2d gamers wet dream.
3. teen age Gun crazy boys dont all play games...(just XBOX 2 zing! ).....theres another Sex out there called Girls.

about all that needs to be said.

Dyingduck3702d ago

Fabel 2 - Fable 2? LOL, Japenese HATES Western RPG...
Infinite undiscovery - Still remained undiscovered...huge flopped already
Tales of Flop...enough said
Star Ocean - IV? - Series died after 2...

You can see the trend, M$ and Sony switch side...BUT...Sony has lead over M$ in US and JAPAN week by week, month by month...disagree with this and you're a retard...

IzKyD13313702d ago


agreed, Sony would rather sell more consoles in America and Europe than in Japan. MS is basically forcing the 360 into Japan by buying out several big named JRPGs.....but MS can have their little 25K unit surge for a week, Europe and America (and Australia) still sell well over 150 thousand units a week for the PS3(with or without big releases)

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MaximusPrime3702d ago

lets see what happens when LittleBigPlanet releases

Sony Rep3702d ago

Ir's very hard hard to understand the Japanese market when they don't like 90% of games. Makes me want to break something.

Shadow Man3702d ago

Most Japaneses love anime,JRPGS, and Hentai. If Microsoft want to be succesfull in Japan they should only sell hentai, anime, Jrpg games is so easy.

pwnsause3702d ago

or sell the xbox brand to a japanese company.

CouchKing03702d ago

I went to Japan and saw a lot of Xbox 360's still in the store.

It's like they weren't selling at all.

IzKyD13313702d ago

lmao, I don't think their allowed to sell hentai games (but that would be a mega hardware mover, we all know how much the japanese love hentai lol)

Raoh3702d ago

Fabel 2 is a hard call, the first one didnt do that well and like someone said, its a western rpg

Infinite undiscovery isnt doing that good either

Tales of has a following and so far got decent reviews and is selling well

Star Ocean we also have to see..

seems like japan is having a hard time releasing good JRPG's


but on the sony front lets not forget

Disgae 3 just came out and doing as good as tales of vesperia

Valkyria Chronicles out this year for sony

ps3 also gets eternal sonata this year as well


the battle is also larger than just the ps3 and 360

plenty of jrpg's are being released in japan.... for the ps2

i'm currently playing Persona 3 for ps2 on my ps3... and Persona 4 is coming out this fall...

sony should have pushed for persona 4 to be on ps3

IzKyD13313702d ago

Disgaea 3 and Valkyria chrinicles already released in japan, but eternal sonata didnt

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