Hands on with Jumpgate Evolution at PAX 08

Ganertell staff writer Mark Rollins got a chance to play a few minutes of the upcoming space MMO, Jumpgate Evolution, at the Penny Arcade Expo 2008 in Seattle, WA (USA).

From the article:

"When I sat down and began playing, I was on a mission to shoot enemy fighters in mere minutes. The controls were easy to get used to, and it reminded me of the old-school starfighting of Wing Commander or Star Wars X-wing Fighter.

...Jumpgate Evolution has excellent graphics, creating a universe that is not just a black field with stars, but a beautiful place colored by nebula clouds.

The game takes its name from the Jumpgates located in several places, which look like a cross between the Jumpgates on Babylon 5 with the transparent water effect of Stargate."

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