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After all the leaks, Watch Dogs 2 is now officially out in the open.

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Kalebninja1359d ago

The game looks fantastic, I'm liking the parkour and more in depth customization, plus they fixed the god awful driving. I was worried but I'm really looking forward to this.

C-H-E-F1358d ago

It's shaping up to look really good. However, Watch Dogs looked good too, I think we need to play it before we can judge it. Ubisoft have a tendency of making "good looking" games, but when we play it, we say this isn't what we saw on youtube hahahaha.

lociefer1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

a hipster gangsta hacker who does parkour , never thought i'd see the day

C-H-E-F1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Because he's black he's a gangster? Producers/Directors stated he grew up in the low end housing, but wasn't a part of it (gang life) that he always wanted to change the world and make it a better place and end violence. That he knows technology well and decided to use this to make the change for the better. No-where in his character description does it says he's a gangster. Stop being racial when it comes to a person skin color. SMH ridiculous must be American.

lociefer1356d ago

well , stating that americans are racist isn't the best way to start an insult to someone ( for future cursing reference), and no , unfortunately for you im not american but im black , so yeah, maybe next time. And maybe i got the vibe from how he puts a bandana on his face,or maybe the way he waves the gun. Try again

LightofDarkness1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I didn't get any gangster vibes from him, either via clothing or demeanour. Hipster, yes. They're being extremely liberal with the idea of a hacker, so I wouldn't have picked that up unless they stated it outright. However, methinks thy racial prejudice is strong.