Watch Dogs 2 Is Up For Pre-Order On Amazon, Deluxe And Gold Edition Revealed

Ubisoft has officially revealed Watch Dogs 2 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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-Foxtrot1792d ago

Here we go

Watch Dogs had so many editions which had different things, then Ghost Recon Wildlands took it one step further by making 7 different editions, lets see how many this one gets

Editions are supposed to add on from the previous one, not take things away.

Cy1792d ago

Ubisoft has no idea how to do special editions. Which isn't surprising, because they don't really have any idea how to do games either.

-Foxtrot1792d ago

Their collectors editions are just so inconsistent

One Assassins Creed gets no Steelbook, the next gets one, the next gets one, the other gets a Metalpack

Watch Dogs get a Steelbook and a statue, the sequel gets a statue but no Steelbook.

ccgr1792d ago

So many options, I'll just wait for a good sale instead

ThePope1792d ago

Yes may I please pre-order a game based off of a CGI trailer. Oh, pretty please!!!!!!

That said I really like Watch Dogs. So I'll probably get it. But its not like this is a known quantity.