Microsoft isn't adding a TV DVR feature to the Xbox One anymore

Microsoft is no longer planning to add a TV DVR feature to its Xbox One console. The software giant originally unveiled plans to add TV DVR to the Xbox One back in August, noting that the feature would arrive some time in 2016. "After careful consideration, we've decided to put development of DVR for Over-the-Air TV on hold to focus our attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming experiences across Xbox One and Windows 10," revealed a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. "We're always listening to fan feedback and we look forward to bringing more requested experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Live this year."

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YinYangGaming1802d ago

Gaming features come first. TV stuff is a nice add-on but the gaming side of things should always be the priority. This is the right move.

Foehammer1802d ago

Considering how the satellite/cable companies are overcharging ppl, I would like to see both.

Patience then.

More great games and features are coming.

annoyedgamer1802d ago

The DVR feature needs an active cable/satellite subscription for it to work anyways. This feature would have been DOA when it released as subscription rates for these companies are at an all time low.

rigo85821802d ago

@annoyedgamer the DVR feature was for OTA tuner. So an active cable/satellite wouldn't have been needed. That being said I would think the DVR for OTA only would've been small. The all time low number of subscribers is greatly exaggerated.

_-EDMIX-_1802d ago

I actually agree. MS does great media features and I would have liked to see them stay true to their word when they first started marketing XONE.

Phunkydiabetic11802d ago

Wow. Three years later and Microsoft is focusing only on the games? WOW. Good job Microsoft!

gangsta_red1802d ago

At first I shook my head and said, why can't MS do this and bring games. Then I read,

'The DVR feature would have only been limited to free-to-air TV'

Yea...drop that mess.

marquisray1802d ago

What in the hell is sony doing and not doing?

ILostMyMind1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

You will know when E3 starts. But i did not expect to much. Sony has always been focused on games.

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nowitzki20041802d ago

Sony have nothing to talk abut? They have been showing us games like Ratchet and Clank, andUC4... Whats MS shown lately?

1802d ago
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