Top 10 Most Shocking E3 Moments Ever

Now that E3 is turning 21, let's reflect on some of the expo's shining moments.

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raWfodog1792d ago

The most 'shocking' E3 moment for me was the FFVII Remake reveal at last year's E3. I never thought that it would become a reality.

raWfodog1792d ago

For those who don't like click-thru lists:

E3 2001's Super Smash Bros. Melee
E3 2015's Xbox One Backward Compatibility
E3 2001's Xbox
E3 2005's Wii
E3 2003's Half-Life 2
E3 2015's Final Fantasy VII Revival
E3 1995's PlayStation
E3 2004's Nintendo DS
E3 2002's Xbox Live
E3 1995

TXIDarkAvenger1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn't that shocking IMO. Being teased every year since that PS3 FFVII Tech Demo (2005). I was kind of like "oh there actually doing it now, awesome". That and it was leaked prior to the announcement.

raWfodog1792d ago

The reaction videos on Youtube showed a bunch of people who were surprised by it as well so I guess the leak didn't get everywhere. Even people at E3 were screaming in joy.

TXIDarkAvenger1792d ago

Yeah I guess. It just didn't feel like "oh shit, that came out of nowhere" moment. Excited? Sure. Shocked? Not really.

EazyC1792d ago

What about that infamous Xbox 360 Kinect reveal segment?

SegaGamer1792d ago

Another list that doesn't include Shenmue 3. How can people not see this as one of the most shocking moments ? it's a game that people thought was never going to happen.