Why Gamers Should Hate the Haters

The delay for No Man's Sky has elicited a lot of hate. That isn't new in the gaming industry, so why is it getting so much attention?

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sangoku_d1793d ago ShowReplies(1)
ruefrak1793d ago

But then they would be the haters and thus hate themselves. You should never hate yourself.

poppinslops1793d ago

What I wouldn't give to bubble you up... sorry if that sounds creepy.

SunnyZ1793d ago

Hating requires too much effort.

Just try not giving a fuck. Works wonders!

Goldby1793d ago


it isn't unique to Playstation Nation. for all we know the the death threat could ahve come from someone on the PC side of No Mans Sky.

Fanatics aren't just on one console, and arent just in the gaming industry. they are everywhere. stop making it like playstation users are the bad ones. we are all to blame, and are all able to make a difference

Chocoburger1793d ago

Next article: why haters should hate the gamers that hate the haters. Wut.

iceman061793d ago

Sounds more like the topic of a bad midday talk show. Lol

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