10 Heroes That Would be Perfect for Injustice 2

So, Netherrealm's gone and announced Injustice 2. Which begs the question, what heroes should they bring in for the sequel?

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P_Bomb1793d ago

I predicted Supergirl, Atrocitus and Grodd and they've just been confirmed, so I'm feeling lucky. I'll predict an Aquaman villain: either Black Manta (odds on favorite) or Ocean Master.

They've already shown Aquaman is back in the new teaser and said we'll be seeing new locations in Gotham, Metropolis and Atlantis. It's only logical. The time is now.

Gaming_Cousin1792d ago

I predict Xena Warrior Princess

robtion1792d ago

@Twinfinite. Please stop posting things on separate pages for clicks. It's annoying and I just don't bother with your articles because of it.