Insider Says BioShock Collection Is 'Happening', Talks New BioShock At E3

Mafia III is one of the most anticipated games of the year, but many still can't shake the feeling that a BioShock Collection and new BioShock are on their way out too.

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Relientk771793d ago

Omg yes, finally a new BioShock

Shubhendu_Singh1793d ago

I am a little uninformed in this situation.

Wasn't Irrational Games shut down or something, and the creator (ken?) left. Who we think is helming the new Bioshock if true ?

_-EDMIX-_1793d ago

Who knows. The Publisher still owns the IP so its not as if its not happening. It wouldn't be the first time a company released a new game without the team that actually created it.

Bioshock 2 wasn't made by Irrational......

JamesBroski1793d ago

Yea you're right. I think 2K owns the rights for Bioshock so if a new one is being developed is probably by one of their studios. Kinda like with Bioshock 2, which I really liked even though it didn't have that special feel to it.

SimonSmith1793d ago

It is possible that it would be 2K Marin, they developed Bioshock 2 so they have past experience with the franchise. I could be wrong but this seems like the most likely solution given just how incredible Bioshock 2 was, If this rumour turns out to be true we will likely find out what 2K has decided during E3.

Livecustoms1793d ago

Ken Levine has started a new independent studio and is creating a new game similar to Bioshock but less shooting and even more story telling,

KesMonkey1793d ago

The answer to your question is in the article.

"Take-Two has said that 2K Marin is on the task of creating a new BioShock,"

Yui_Suzumiya1793d ago

2K Marin (BioShock 2 developer) will be continuing the franchise.

NukaCola1793d ago

2K Marin can do this. I liked Bioshock 2 more than Infinite. I loved Infinite's setting, but the game was so linear and FPS like, it killed it for me. No mystery, no horror at all. It was freaky at times, but mostly underwhelming. Rapture just worked so much more and what made the original so great was the exploration, backtracking, and sheer uncertainty of what was around the corner.

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Garethvk1793d ago

I can tell you that while they may announce it, they are not booking meetings for it unless they say ok we have this as you check in. Usually they will say we have an unannounced title or tell you what it is but that is under embargo.

shinoff21831793d ago

As long as it is a complete collection no funny download vouchers I'm buying it

opinionated1793d ago

If there is a new bioshock I would be hyped. Andrew Ryan is one of the greatest characters in gaming history. Without Levine I feel it would be a shell of its former self. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

garrettbobbyferguson1793d ago

This generation of games has been the most mediocre so far. Remaster after collection after remaster after collection. I guess publishers realized they don't have to try any longer and can just give people the same thing just with some "updated' textures.

DanteVFenris6661793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Maybe do more research then as there has been tons of great games for the current gen consoles. There is a market for this so they are allowed to do this. It's not like there main team does this its ussually a little side team or third party.

I for one might be interested in this because I've only beaten bioshock 2, lost bioshock 1 and only got half way through infinite. There is a lot of gems from Gaming for the last 30 years. It's not a negative to go back to them and what better way then your modern console

kevnb1793d ago

you mean port after port, although there are still a lot of great games.

CanadianTurtle1793d ago

They're never going to stop making new games. They just take a bit longer. Last gen, a lot of games had 2-3 year development cycles. Nowadays, we're seeing games have 3-4 year development cycles. We just have to be a bit more patient. It's not like gaming companies are going to "stop" new games development all together.
Plus, how many of this generation's games did you beat? You sound as if you're running out of games to play. I can assure you there's many options out on the market as of now

Brugal1793d ago

To each your own. Although there have been a lot of remasters this generation there's also been plenty of other great games.

WellyUK1793d ago

the sad thing is, is that some of those remasters/remakes are the best games out at the moment. still.

LoveSpuds1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Well you must be looking in the wrong place. I have recently played the likes of Bloodborne, Life is Strange, Until Dawn, Dark Souls 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Maker, Hitman Go, Uncharted 4, The Division, The Witch 3 and Ori and the Blind Forest. These are games I have played in the last 3 months that I can think of off the top of my head.

These new games mean that I see remasters as a way to enjoy my old faves like Valkyria Chronicles, GTA5 or The Uncharted Collection.

Yui_Suzumiya1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Wowser. Takes me 3 months to beat a couple of linear, single player games.

KesMonkey1793d ago

You seem to be a bit out of touch with modern gaming. Yes, we do get some remasters, but these are vastly outnumbered by new games. And, some of those new games are among the greatest games of all time. Mediocre? Not even close to mediocre.

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