The 5 Best New IPs In Gaming This Year (So Far)

Anthony from WGTC writes "The year’s only half over and we’ve already seen some great new IP’s worth applauding. So, with all of that in mind, we thought it was time to take a moment to celebrate the best new titles of 2016 (so far)."

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TheHip141354d ago

The Division is still the most impressive. The gunplay is just so damn good.

Raykov771354d ago

I'm all about firewatch. Criminally underrated indie game in my opinion. The company that made it was started by guys who worked for telltale back when the walking dead came out - that's the kind of quality you'll get from it. Great pick!

madhouse021354d ago

Definitely Overwatch and The Witness. The Divisionew and Quantum Break are good new IPs but hardly decent games

basilboxer1354d ago

I enjoyed The Division for about 20 hours and then it sucked, especially after the changes they made to The Dark Zone. Ill be interested to see what the DLC is like.

zcmilano1354d ago

Firewatch was actually pretty decent, as was The Witness. The other games were just generic AAA titles imo.

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