Total War: Warhammer DirectX 12 Graphics Performance Analysis

eTeknix: The Total War franchise has entertained fans of the strategy genre who have a penchant for barbaric historical periods since the dawn of PC gaming. Furthermore, these bloody conflicts brought history to life and gave users an insight into the harsh reality of classical warfare. Not only that, the ability to plan strategic onslaughts and react to the enemy’s movements is incredibly satisfying. Of course, Total War titles are set on a huge scale featuring a massive quantity of ground units which requires a thoughtful approach. The latest entry is quite unusual and based on the Warhammer fantasy series. Throughout the game, you can select between four playable factions: the Dwarfs, the Empire of Man, the Greenskins and the Vampire counts. According to Metacritic, the game has received a relatively positive response from both professional critics and PC users.

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kevnb1798d ago

Amd is using dx12 to mask what is essentially their version of nvidia gameworks.

girevik1797d ago

Why are you so anti-amd?

kevnb1797d ago

I'm against their current tactics, but to be fair nvidia isn't above doing the same sort of thing.

girevik1793d ago

kevnb, that's fair. Unfortunately, most companies play dirty when they shouldn't and don't need to.