Pax '08 Update-Shave Your Head, Get Free Copy of 'Brother in Arms'

The Exploding Barrel's own Mark Fujii reports live from PAX 2008 that Gearbox Software is making an interesting proposition to attendees: Shave your head, get a free copy of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Apparently, shaving isn't the only thing Gearbox's PR team had in mind in order to hype their upcoming WW2-themed tactical shooter.

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Webswinger933700d ago

That seems like a good deal.

PoSTedUP3700d ago

pssh id do that in a heart beat.

Qbanboi3700d ago

No worthy man, no worthy.

RememberThe3573700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I was just across the street at the theater watching Tropical Thunder. Free hair cut and a game, sh*t thats about as good as freebies get. I should have gone...

killinet2473700d ago

I wish I was there because I already shave my head and it's no big deal 70 dollar value for free.

Silogon3700d ago

No thanks, I love my hair and will no doubt have all the time in the world to be bald and blend into a faceless crowd when I'm much older. Tattoo's and shaved heads, can't get more typical and bland than that.

Well, unless you also beat out your car and rim it up at the same time.

ICUP3700d ago

What if i shave my ballz do i get a extra copy?

Shadow Man3700d ago

You need to grow some [email protected] first, OK kid.

ICUP3700d ago

Coming from a ball less poster, ok...

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