Bigger Worlds Don't Always Mean Better Games

Skyrim is getting remastered and Watch Dogs 2 is on its way. But size isn’t the only important factor in a great sandbox.

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Ceaser98573611796d ago

True.. Bigger doesn't mean better... Prolly with games like GTAV, WITCHER 3 , Red Dead Redemption our expectations have increased.. Got to see how Horizon Zero dawn does.. loved the story trailer.. Watch dogs 2 well impressed with the parkour and new hacking features but rest honestly didn't impress me but yes! i will look forward to learn more about the game and based on that i will purchase.. Then we have Mass effect Andromeda coming.. So many big games are out there hope they do well...

Fist4achin1796d ago

I just don't want to see a game fluffed up to increase the size. At least include some story or side story content to bolster the farther reaches.