Rumour: Destiny Game of the Year Edition outed by retailer, includes Rise of Iron

Richard from PushStartPlay writes: It seems that video game retailer Video Game Box, has outed a Game of the Year Edition for Destiny which not only includes the three previous expansions for the game including The Taken King, but it also includes the yet to be “officially” revealed Rise of Iron.

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OldGuyStillGaming1802d ago

Ridiculous and really unnecessary

holdmyown831801d ago

Right like you wouldn't do the same if you were head of the company.

Xavior_Reigns1802d ago

And here it is. Played Destiny when it first came out, couldve been much better but it was fine. Never played any of the expanisions and vot plenty of email from Bungie wanting me back in the game. If this is real, then I go back. Online only sucks... but if there is plenty of content sure, just gotta trade it in once its all done.

Cobberwebb1802d ago

Problem is that it's worthless as a trade in, all the expansions are codes. The disc is only the base game without DLC.

Relientk771802d ago

Guarantee that it's just a case and the original Destiny disc from 2014, and you just download it all. because that's what The Taken King was

Yui_Suzumiya1802d ago

Exactly why I'm still holding off on Destiny. I want the game and every piece of content for about $40.

FunAndGun1802d ago

Same here. I will buy this version with everything once it goes on sale.

souldestroyer141802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

You'll be missing out on content actually. There will be no point to do the vault of glass, crota's end, and King's fall raid and the prison of elders might be on obsolete by then as well. For the amount of content the game has it is worth the price you can get it for like 30 bucks with the three expansions right now. Or you can wait another 7-8 years.

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