Remedy Entertainment expands to two teams, developing new game with new partner

Remedy have expanded into two teams and has two games in development. One of the games is being developed with a new partner.

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Herbalistic1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"we’ve been developing a brand new Remedy game with a new partner."

I wonder which publisher decided to pick up the project/what are the target platforms.

Abash1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Damn disappointed neither game is an Alan Wake sequel

WickedLester1795d ago

I'm not. Alan Wake was overrated as hell.

TheRealTedCruz1795d ago


Says you. I found it one of the most interesting new IP of last year.

Christopher1795d ago

@SlapHappyJesus: Well... yeah, he does say that... what type of retort is that?

Personally, I agree with him. They have a ton of potential in games, but I haven't seen anything great out of them since the days of Max Payne.


TheRealTedCruz1795d ago


It's the sort of retort where I dispute the claim that he made. There was no subjectivity involved. Where he makes a base claim that Alan Wake is overrated, at least I insert that my point of view is just that - my point of view. It's the difference between presenting something in subjectivity vs objectivity.
Much like your claim that Remedy is no longer great. While I have yet to play Quantum Break, I found Alan Wake to be a great experience. Much like the original Max Payne games they developed. I feel they are a developer of consistent quality, both in gameplay, and in writing.

starchild1795d ago


I understand what you are talking about. You expressed your opinion as an opinion while WickedLester made it sound like his opinion was a fact.

We're all guilty of doing that from time to time, but I honestly try not to state my opinions as facts. Especially if I'm just being negative about something. For example, I think the recent Ratchet and Clank wasn't as good as some of the reviewers thought it was, but I wouldn't go into an article about that game and tell everybody "this game is so overrated". In fact, I doubt you can find any comment by me knocking the game.

I think people that do that sort of thing usually have an axe to grind or some kind of fanboy motive.

freshslicepizza1795d ago

alan wake was an average game with incredible potential. i think they could make it into a great franchise.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1795d ago

If it is not Sony or Nintendo, it will be a 3rd party pusblisher, which mea s it would me multiplat

Kratos0Ace1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Sony perhaps? Quantum Break sales were not good. They just confirmed that Alan Wake 2 is not one of them.

Kratos0Ace1795d ago

I just loved the disagrees I'm getting. What's the matter, is that what you guys fear?

SniperControl1795d ago

Remedy did visit Naughty Dog last year..............

Utalkin2me1795d ago

Who cares about disagrees. I hope it's not Sony, other then max payne they put out just average stuff.

we4201795d ago

People disagree for no reason on here but they could be disagreeing with your thought of it being Sony

game4funz1795d ago

Actually I would only disagree because it's not often that you hear a dev expanding after a game whose sales flop... Maybe the sales were good enough... I didn't disagree tho

game4funz1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Fear? They probably disagree with sales or it being Sony?

Why would anyone fear anything like a publisher. And who is you guys? Interesting comment.

_-EDMIX-_1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@Krato-I mean...even less likely considering why would Sony seek to back a team that just came from a performance like QB?

Sony has shown that they have no love loss if you can't produce the numbers they are looking for and I'm not really sure they even start a project with a team like that.

Also don't even waste a post question folks who disagree, they are free to and no one is just going to simply always get 100% agrees on all post. Just keep doing what you do.

I agree with game4funz too. The disagrees might be coming from the idea that it would be Sony for the reasons I explained above.

Why would they do it from a team with low sales when they've just let go of teams they've known longer for the exact same reason?

MCTJim1795d ago

please provide links with credible proof that QB didnt sell well.

Raven7221795d ago


The thing is, Microsoft paid for Quantum Break up front and their next game has supposedly been in development for a little while. Not only would Quantum Break's sales have no 'negative' effect on Remedy's finances, because they already got paid before the game even released, whoever their new partner is wouldn't have known about Quantum Break's performance until after they paid Remedy for this new project. Pretty much all of Remedy's work over the last two generations has been paid in advance by their publishing partners. Remedy already had the money to expand. They didn't need Quantum Break to sell well.

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ShottyatLaw1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It sounds like both are new projects/ideas. Still hopeful for Max Payne, though.

It's not something we've come to like from most game studios, but Remedy might be a great studio to tap for a licensed project from a TV/ Movie franchise.

Ravenor1795d ago

Take 2/Rockstar own Max Payne so unless it's being produced with those two it won't be that.

ShottyatLaw1795d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping the "partner" is Rock star.

Zeref1795d ago

Since the new game is developed with a "new partner" I think it's safe to say that one will be multiplatform. Unless MS steps in. And the other game will be another Xbox and PC exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_1795d ago

Could be Take Two again. I wouldn't be shocked.

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DopeTech1795d ago

That's great news from Remedy, I love their games from Max Payne to Quantum Break.

poppinslops1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I really hope they're working Quantum Break's sequel now, as-opposed to 10 years later (ala Alan Wake)... I want Remedy to use the Ashmore twins for some multiple Jack Joyce madness.

ScorpiusX1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Think its time MS bought Remedy before they make foolish decisions , besides it time to cement this awesome Business Relationship for good .

RedDeadLB1795d ago

What do you think is a foolish decision?

ScorpiusX1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Am good with the two team mentality and happy they want to put out more games than five every 20 years , but think its time MS bought Remedy . Before they commit a disservice to those who have supported them since the start .

MrBeatdown1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


"Before they commit a disservice to those who have supported them since the start ."

Max Payne fans?

Just played that on my PS4.

Thatguy-3101795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

What foolish decisions? Lol if their games sold well on the Xbox platform then they wouldn't have to venture off elsewhere

ScorpiusX1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

As for their games selling well on xbox , they have sold well .

Here's to MS buying them and avoiding the foolishness.

Get the feeling that when a Xbox fan wants MS to buy a studio it's bad, but yet let the opposition do it an all think its the greatest thing since the internet . Well I say to hell with the opposition & those that cry foul .

@KratosOAce Good thing MS owns the QB IP then.

@blackTar187 Hell no , sorry not of the mindset of sharing or of that Bullshit sentiment of everybody should play a good game crap. Been one of the mindset that if you want to play a game not on your preferred system then buy the one its on , but if not then I suggest you do without .

1795d ago
BlackTar1871795d ago

jeez Scorpius put down the fanboy flute.

Kratos0Ace1795d ago

@ ScorpiusX:

If you haven't noticed lately. Microsoft rarely buys studios. With the exception of Mojang (Minecraft) and Lionhead (recently closed). They usually buy ips like in the case of Halo and Gears of War. With the bad Quantum Break sales, it's very unlikely that Microsoft will either buy them or any of its IPs.

Utalkin2me1795d ago

Not only sales. But the average of all of Remedy's games sit at a 77 on metacritic. Seems MS is just letting them go. Which actually is best for both parties IMO. Maybe remedy can get back to form like when they originally released Max Payne.

starchild1795d ago

Metacritic isn't the end all be all. I've loved many games with middling metacritic averages. Guerrilla has a fairly low average for all of their games on metacritic but many of us are still excited about Horizon. That's just one example. All I know is I really loved Alan Wake and Quantum Break, as well as the Max Payne games, so I'm definitely looking forward to playing their next game.

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Herbalistic1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Remedy maybe doesn't want to be bought/values being an independent studio.

Aloy-Boyfriend1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

They are not making you or anyone a disservice by being independent and not being bought by MS

jb2271795d ago

You sound like a jealous should just be happy that Remedy found someone new that can treat them right.

The writing has been on the wall. Everytime I suggested that it seemed like Remedy would jump ship from MS, I was downvoted into oblivion & told that it would never happen....that Remedy & MS "have a great working relationship". Yet here we are. Looking forward to whatever Remedy moves on to, hopefully they ditch the live action business & just focus on making a great game this time.

ninsigma1795d ago

Sounds to me like the possibility of a remedy game being on playstation is really bugging you out.

ScorpiusX1795d ago

You damn right , I hate that mofo company & platform .

Kratos0Ace1795d ago

@ ScorpiusX:

Ok. At least your honest. Something very rare these days.

GrubsterBeater1795d ago


Yet you love the company that is a disease to gaming? Lol

Fanboyism at it's finest.

(Before you say "Well you sound like a fanboy yourself", realize that I am not a fanboy, I just hate MS and what it has done to gaming in general.)

Kratos0Ace1795d ago

@ ScorpiusX:

Define commiting a disservice to those who have supported them since the start.

ScorpiusX1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Been a fan from their early days and have bought all their games for my preferred platform and was elated when they formed an Exclusive partnership .While they claim how wonderful their partnership has been with MS and for them to speak of another partner is just a disservice to me as a fan .

@babadivad This feels exactly like that time period and again MS are being tools on the matter .

@ninsigma Then the allure of having an exclusive is out the window, then what's the point of consoles being different if everyone will be able to play the same game . This why I prefer MS buy Studios or IPs so they remain exclusive to their platform so their is reason to own a different console .

Kratos0Ace1795d ago

Well. Remedy's early days had Max Payne as a multiplatform with its entries releasing on PS2 as well. You feel Microsoft should have more studios. I agree. The Xbox fanbase should ask them to buy talented studios like this one. I'm not sure it will happen though even if asked.

ninsigma1795d ago

Fair enough, at least you're honest xD

babadivad1795d ago

I thought they were going to buy Bioware before EA swooped in.

ninsigma1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"While they claim how wonderful their partnership has been with MS and for them to speak of another partner is just a disservice to me as a fan ."

And what if it still goes to xbox in addition to other platforms?? Is that still a disservice??

Ravenor1795d ago

Even if they decide they wanted to try their hand at a PS4 exclusive or a PC exclusive, it's not a disservice to anyone. It's business, people need to stop thinking about these companies like they have a personal relationship with them. You don't.

_-EDMIX-_1795d ago

@Ravenor- 100% agreed.

Many on here literally post with so much emotion and are unable to detach themselves to make real objective post with no bias.

None of theses companies are doing this for their health. They are getting paid to, its a business like any other.

TFJWM1795d ago

If they go multiplatform and still put the game on Xbox how are they being foolish or doing a disservice to people that have supported them?

Realms1795d ago

I swear some people why don't you cut to the chase and say you don't want to see their games on a Sony platform. MS has such a great relationship with it's studios that Bungie left, Respawn chose to go multiplat with TF2 and they ostracized independent developers that now favor the PS4 yup very good relationships. Let's face it MS does not have very good track record with forging strong lasting relationships.

Bobafret1795d ago

I don't want to see their games on a Sony platform.

Realms1795d ago


Well that sucks for you because it looks like Remedy might be going multiplat for their next game that's why MS should develop their own studios instead of relying on third party studios that MS fanboys claim as their own.

Sparta071795d ago

Why would you be upset? Is not like Microsoft has exclusives anymore, all their games are coming out to pc. You don't need an xbox to play any of there games anymore.

Germany71795d ago

Remedy is not making exclusives for Xbox anymore, all their titles are avaliable on pc as well.

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opinionated1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"New partner". Hopefully it's not a TV producer.

Thatguy-3101795d ago

Whatever they're going to cook is coming to the PS4 for sure watch. There's a reason they were at ND's studio a while back.

-Foxtrot1795d ago

Hopefully. I just think their games would be more appreciated with the audience the PS has, which means more sales for them

Alan Wake deserved more recognition at the time

Kratos0Ace1795d ago

Very likely that their games will go to Playstation as well. Look at Titanfall. Only a deal stopped the first one from going to PS4. Titanfall 2 won't be negotiable. Microsoft is going to have a much harder time securing third party exclusives if they keep bombing like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.

_-EDMIX-_1795d ago

@Fox- ". I just think their games would be more appreciated with the audience the PS has"

Do we know that QB failed as a result to XB "audience"?

What if it as just a bad game overall?

Consider The Order 1886 failed on PS4 (to some degree). If released on XONE, would we be saying that its due to the "audience"?

Many have used this theory for why some of MS JRPGs failed on 360, yet don't factor that only 1 JRPG on PS3 that isn't Final Fantasy moved over 1 million units, Ni No Kuni, titles like Valkria Chronicles moved like 300k on PS3,, the theory doesn't really fit that either audience can turn a game from meh to huge AAA sales.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with that considering what I've researched. Sometimes a game merely doesn't have the appeal or traction to move lots of units, regardless of platform audience.

ie The Order 1886 or White Knight Chronicles etc. Not to say to you are not correct to a degree, I agree that the audiences of certain genres favor certain platforms, but both platforms still actually like good games.

QB is still on PC too, its not just about XONE regarding this game. It legit could just be it wasn't a good enough game to warrant such sales. I also feel Alan Wake did as good as a game like that sorta could do if not better. Most horror themed games like that don't go on to do huge millions, it was also on 2 platforms.

Even as PS fan, I don't really know how much better Alan Wake would do on a PS platform...

Golden_Mud1795d ago

I don't think Alan Wake would've sold better on a PS3 especially because of its release just a week before or a week after Red Dead Redemption.

-Foxtrot1795d ago

It would have...the PS3 at the time had story based games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain and the like. Alan Wake would have fitted in their perfectly and Red Dead or not it still would have sold better then Xbox which at the time was all about Gears, Halo, COD etc

Ravenor1795d ago

Could you stop pigeon holing one platform? There is very little to back it up, especially with all the variables involved with Alan Wakes many delays, downsizing (it was unveiled as an open world game) and it being dropped without much fanfare at release. Just because certain series of a certain genre sell better on one platform or another doesn't mean that's an indicator of the platforms entire fanbase.

Alan Wake was never going to be a game that shipped millions of copies, the same could be said of Quantum Break.

-Foxtrot1795d ago

I'm not I'm just looking at it logically.

Alan Wake was a story based game

Games like Heavy Rain and Uncharted were story based games and sold quite well

Xbox, AT THE TIME, was nothing but shooters with limiting genres

Alan Wake would have done better on a system which was more accepting of other genres which were not shooters.

It's common sense

Ravenor1795d ago

Uncharted 1-3 weren't shooters, really? The most requested thing on PSBlog isn't SOCOM 2? Killzone 2-3 aren't among the top selling PS3 exclusives? Call of Duty didn't sell comparable numbers on PS3? Warhawk isn't listed consistently as some peoples favourite PS3 title?

Both platforms had plenty of shooting going on, to say any game failed because of an audiences predilection is just being ignorant to the larger forces at play. Alan Wake was a chopped down disappointment covered in ads, just like QB.

_-EDMIX-_1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@Fox- "Alan Wake was a story based game

Games like Heavy Rain and Uncharted were story based games and sold quite well"

I think you are looking at that a bit to literally. They sold well because they are good games.

Did The Order 1886 do well? Can we not say the same thing about JRPGs on PS? Yet how well did many of those JRPGs really do that were not called Final Fantasy?

The install base isn't just buying anything and everything that is a JRPG or Story based game as that is a complete lie that can be contradicted very quickly. as in....The Order 1886.

They do well because they are good games, not merely because they are "story based" as many games are that still perform poorly on PS IF they are indeed bad games or not as good as.

I don't know that Alan Wake honestly would have done better on PS as many games with such horror themes were not just getting night and day sales on PS platforms compared to XB.

"It's common sense"

Not really, its something that very much can be debated and questioned as many "story based" games didn't do well on both platforms. At least please factor that maybe it wasn't a good game.

PS gamers don't just buy JRPG JUST because of it being a JRPG, just like they don't buy "story based" games JUST for the sake of being "story based" it good?

XB gamers don't just buy FPS games JUST for being a FPS, is it good?

Once again, I agree that to a degree the audience does differ on genres, but not to this extreme where its this night and day. BOTH install bases still favor good games. They don't just buy games based on genre alone and just disregard quality.

A JRPG could fail on PS.
A FPS could fail on XB.

They don't sell because of what they are as a genre, they sell if they are good. You're comments are even disrespectful in the respect you think either install base is THIS SIMPLE minded. Quality will always come first to both install bases. Uncharted would have been successful on either platform because of a team like ND, don't belittle to the team by making it sound as if its success is simply due to an install base of mindless gamers that just buy based on genre alone. I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe ND making a quality game is why they are as well known. That is like saying I like Walking Dead...because I like horror themed shows on AMC if it as on FX, I would just hate it and not watch it lol