Turtle Beach Announced Hypersound Glass Speakers

Gamers looking for a new edge in sound will likely be thrilled with the new Hypersound speakers from Turtle Beach. The speakers are a new glass tech designed to take up less space yet deliver new levels of gaming greatness.

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Alexious1793d ago

All I want is proper Dolby Atmos headphones!

Garethvk1793d ago

Wife has a meeting with Turtle Beach at E3 next Tuesday so we will see and hear them and let you know.

PixelGateUk1793d ago

nearing space ship levels

Garethvk1793d ago

Voice activated and we are almost there.

Scatpants1793d ago

I'd be down if they made windows that work like this.

Garethvk1793d ago

Imagine this in your car or house.

FPSFox1793d ago

Turtle beach bought this technology -years- ago and I've been wondering what they'd do with it ever since. Pretty cool