Call Of Duty: XP Event Announced

Activision have announced the Call of Duty XP event is coming in early September. The event will have tons of events and opportunities for fans to embrace the Call of Duty Universe

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Alexious1802d ago

Would be cool if I was that much into Call of Duty to actually follow it...

Garethvk1802d ago

Note it is the same weekend as PAX Prime in Seattle. Activision does not go to that show but pretty much everyone else aside from EA does and they do on some years. It will be interesting to see how that goes. But seeing how the tickets to PAX Prime were gone in a day and this is LA based, it will go over huge.

georgenancy1802d ago

'embrace the call of duty universe' looooool

PixelGateUk1802d ago

call of duty universe, oh god!