Gamer Access Podcast Epsiode #1

Brings the latest and greatest news in the gaming industry.

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gameraxis3701d ago

copyright, aug 31st, 2008 8:17 pm... all right reserved for "gameraxis"

Nick2120043701d ago

First of all that is spelled different and second I have never seen that name before. If that was considered copyright anyone who used ps3 in their podcast title would have violated copyright laws because a whole lot of people have that in their name

egm_hiphopgamer3701d ago

Congrats on your first podcast man it's sounding good so far

gameraxis3701d ago

it was a joke lol, and to think u wasted all that technical genius on me? I'm flattered

Nick2120043701d ago

Lol my bad didnt mean to get all serious. I thought you were being serious and just wanted to make sure we are both cool

PoSTedUP3701d ago

yea its our first ever podcast and we did the best that we could, appreciate the feedback hiphopgamer and gameraxis. game on!

Nick2120043701d ago

like he said, we greatly appreciate any feedback