Activision Says Early Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Low Pre-Order Data Is “Highly Inaccurate”

"A statement was provided to ThisGenGaming by Activision that dismisses the rumors of extremely low pre-orders"

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TwoForce1798d ago

Was it Inaccurate, Activision ? For me, it looks legit.

Forn1798d ago

By being even less than the low numbers reported? lol

Eonjay1798d ago

The data came from VGChartz... how the hell they would have any idea what preorders actually are are beyond me. It is by far their most inaccurate data on the site. So in this case Stonewall is correct. It is inaccurate.

iTechHeads1798d ago

Inaccurate doesn't exactly mean false. VgCharts uses estimates, we all know that.
Inaccurate could mean pre-orders are higher, it could mean they are lower. Until Activision provides us with official pre-order data, we can assume the game is performing badly.

opinionated1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I'm always correct.

You can assume whatever you want but basing your assumptions on inaccurate data and wishful thinking just makes you look ignorant.

If you were to look at it objectively your assumptions would be the opposite. Why would you assume that one of the highest selling franchises in gaming history would bottom out at 13k preorders? That's just not reasonable at all.

@thekhurg below
Yup. They forget "performing badly" for COD is like 4 million sales in the first week lol.

Erik73571798d ago


*PR STRATEGY for getting bad sale numbers*

"Yea it's totally in-accurate and not true, but when the numbers are really good it's legit and very very accurate"

thekhurg1798d ago

Yep and it'll end up being one of the top selling games this year too.

AngelicIceDiamond1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

At this point, its slowly starting to boil down to only the hardcore COD fans really playing this game. Obviously it'll sell millions and millions like usual just not as much as it has in the past but still millions. COD was that game for everybody, it still is but as I said its trickling down to a more loyal fanbase while the rest are simply moving on to more innovative shooters (Titanfall), a established shooter that's listening to its fans while reinventing itself (BF1 or Doom) or a hybrid MOBA Hero shooter, (Overwatch and Battleborn) hate it or love it even Destiny or Division.

There are literally tons out there with more getting announced. Its narrowing down to the loyalist's now which are still millions and millions of COD fans. I believe the pre-order sales are low, ppl didn't like the trailer the setting, tone, graphics are more or less the same. Its trickling down the nitty gritty of COD fans at this point while the rest of us are seeking newer and different types of shooters.

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Mr Pumblechook1798d ago

I've only played the occasional Call of Duty game so am not a fan, but leaving all the anti-CoD feeling aside I can tell you that the VGchartz info about low pre-orders is nonsense. The franchise is so big with hardcore and occasional gamers. But this false info was written to support the hoped-for narrative that Battlefied 1 will outsell it. This supposition is based on the data about the B1 video being more watched and more liked. For God's sake CoD has been consistently the best selling game everything Christmas for at least 7 years! But some stories should be questioned; if VGchartz released a story saying that EA were receiving low pre-orders for FIFA Football i wouldn't believe it until I received further data.

TwoForce1798d ago

No, it's not. The pre order is lower than Black Ops 3 was.

freshslicepizza1797d ago

every year its the top seller and every year people moan its garbage. you will always get more hate on the internet so all those people who downvote it don't mean much of anything. sales are the only thing that matters to activision.

donthate1797d ago

I dunno, CoD sells well every year. I don't see this year being any different. I mean come, anyone remember:

As much as I dislike CoD, vgchartz has crap estimates so I wouldn't put any stock in that.

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jessionpc1798d ago

Meh, who cares? Like... at least, who cares, "ALOT"?

Let it live, let it die... Tbh, let it do whatever it wants to. A lot of people say how COD ruined a generation of gaming? Nah. COD brought out the fat cats masquerading as, "artists", who then milked their franchises and gave their games 6 different difficulties. From Software, Naughty Dog, Square Enix, CDPR and many other devs are continuing to push the bar, even while facing less profit due to long development, because it's more about the art form than the money, "even though the money is rightfully still important to them."

To be honest?... I'm happy casuals get Call of Duty, i'm happy it's as popular as it is for them. Being able to get hyped up for something, even though most people would agree it sucks, is what really matters. It's nice everyone no matter what level or type of gamer gets to play a game they like, "or think they like."

I'll likely never buy a COD again, but hey... you never know, things change. That's life.

garrettbobbyferguson1798d ago

"brought out the fat cats masquerading as, "artists"

This. I remember when Killzone 2 was "patched" to play more to the whining COD kids at the time. I remember when Resistance 2 was changed completely from its formula to appeal to the COD fanbase (luckily the game had many redeeming qualities). I remember when MOH was changed to appeal to the COD fanbase. See where I'm going with this?

Braxmapoutras1798d ago

Jessionpc I agree with you....what will happen is going to happen regardless what we we will see...

iDadio1797d ago

Thing is if these pre orders are inaccurate when they are apparently low, what made them accurate when they were boasting all these years about how high they was?

Lamboomington1798d ago

" For me, it looks legit."
Doesn't change the fact that it's probably inaccurate.
VGChartz doesn't have the best track record...

Goldby1798d ago

Activision "Those numbers are highly innacurate. and i mean highly!"

Public: so theres more copies sold?

Activision: like i said, those numbers are too high. i wish we had 16k people preorder it. i'd still have a job next week.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1797d ago

Really, you trust vg chartz? Lol

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BigBosss1798d ago

just admit that the franchise is going down the drain...

However, it wouldn't hurt to release COD4 remaster seperately...

opinionated1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Releasing cod4 separate would hurt sales. That's why they did it. VGChartz didn't include the preorders for the upgraded version that includes cod4 lol. That's why it's inaccurate.

@d3th_D33LR below
Yes it's always hilarious to watch the COD "boycotts" unfold. This is nothing new. You might be able to resist but the vast majority of the dislikers on that trailer will be buying it.

D3TH_D33LR1798d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

And now I won't buy either because I'm not a pleb who can't handle voting with my wallet. So ya, they're hurting sales, and I know there's many people with that same willpower not to bend over and fork over money they don't deserve.

Ha you may think it's hilarious but some people aren't as hilariously hypocritical when they say they won't buy it. I'll be picking up bf1, I can 100% live without modern warfare as I have been able to skip the last 2 or 3 pieces of trash they've released in recent years.

KyRo1798d ago

It will happen. Just like all the other 'exclusive' preorder/season pass extras, they always come out down the road when it comes to COD.

ZeroX98761798d ago

Releasing infinite warfare is what's going to hurt sales.
A remaster of modern warfare 1 along with maybe 5 of the best maps of MW2 and MW3 would have been an instant pre-order for me, like I would've pre-order it the day the trailer would be out!

Me and lots of my friends have been buying every single cod to date (Except Ghost) and infinite warfare is the second entry in the series which we won't be buying. Still enjoying black ops 3 anyway.

opinionated1798d ago

A mw collection would have been an instant preorder for me as well. What I'm saying is that if they release the cod 4 remaster separate then no one would have bought infinite. They would be competing with themselves. Cod 4 remaster won't be standalone for at least 6 months.

People will pay for the "early access". I myself have preordered the upgraded version for cod4 remaster. It's my favorite cod and I won't miss or wait for it. Many of the people who are crying will buy it as well, I'm just honest and a realist.

garrettbobbyferguson1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

"Which we won't be buying"

Why? So far nobody has expressed why they hate the new one. Is it because of the futuristic space setting? (Mind you, I haven't purchased a COD game since Modern Warfare).

Lamboomington1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Why ? Does Infinite Warfare look that bad ?

Completely new gameplay mechanics, being able to fly in space, land on a capital ship and walk around, do missions on different planets.

but no, people would rather have the same old run and shoot shallow COD, as long as it's set in the past ? That shows some silly and arbitrary priorities, rather than focusing on the game experience.

Specter2291798d ago

Ohhh I've already played that game ... it's called Halo.

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ScorpiusX1798d ago

Let the PR spin commence

Moe-Gunz1798d ago

[Enter Mortal Kombat "It has begun" meme here]

1798d ago
BigGamersSmallTalk1798d ago

Imagine that, VGChartz inaccurate? I would have never guessed at such an obvious thing.