What's 4K? And does it matter for video games?

An explainer on the next big thing in TV technology.

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traumadisaster1798d ago

I've been at 4k before the X1 was even announced and enjoyed last gen games at 4k while ps360 looked pretty bad in comparison.

This gen I've upgraded to 4k60 and lowered settings, and still knocks console out. From a fidelity stand point there is no going back.

Of course no knock on the advantages of consoles as I love their exclusives!

esmittystud1011798d ago

The new console specs will be interesting. I just don't think they will be able to handle a native 4K resolution for what they want to charge for the consoles. $2500 + PC don't even get you those results with alot of newer games. I will get probably both new consoles. But I'm holding off another year at min. for a 4K tv. $500 - $600 is probably what I'm going to save by waiting another year on the 4K tv.

Zorkaz1798d ago

Now listen, I know 4K makes a difference, and is definitely nicer to look at, but honestly, I think for the price required to run games on 4K on Ultra, it comes nowhere near something that seems worth it for me personally. In the end, I'd prefer to run a game at 1080, hell, even 720, in Ultra, than at Min in 4K anyway. In the end, how long before resolution overtakes graphics and it'll end up looking worse than lower res. I just think it's extremely overrated, and people spend way more than they should on maxing out their game in 4K. It might be just me, but I just think it's ridiculous ...