Awesome Sauce – The Worst Games for the PlayStation 4… So far

There’s more than enough information about games out there that doing a literally a minute of research before purchasing can save you a lifetime of regret. That’s why we threw together this little piece to help you instantly identify the absolute bottom of the barrel games available for the PlayStation 4.

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Yui_Suzumiya1792d ago

Wowser.. a "worst of ps4" list that doesn't include The Order (one of my favorite exclusives).. maybe there is hope left in this world :3

mikepattonfan1792d ago

It was flawed in places but far, far from the worst, in my opinion, and the franchise still shows more potential than any of these abominations. I also kinda liked it, but we're a rare breed, apparently.

Yui_Suzumiya1791d ago

It was one of my top 5 favorites last year. Bought it when I bought a PS4 a year ago but still have yet to get Bloodborne or The Witcher III.