Feature: Sony PlayStation E3 2016 Press Conference Predictions

Push Square: "Attempting to predict PlayStation's annual E3 press conference is one of the highlights of the year here at Push Square Towers, and we have a relatively decent track record when it comes to the convention. Sure, we never saw last year's Holy Trinity™ coming, but we got a lot of the other big bullet points bang on."

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Gaming_Cousin1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

My prediction:

The Legend of Dragoon 2
The Last of Us 2
Dark Cloud 3
Resident Evil 7 (going back to the old scary roots)
Half Life 3 PS4 exclusive
Modern Warfare 2 Remaster
Conker Bad Fur Day 2
Silent Hills reintroduced and releasing 1 day after E3
Uncharted 6
Free Xbox Live
Free Playstation Network

I find it funny that no one found my comment funny lol

1801d ago
Golden_Mud1801d ago

I'm not sure these predictions are real ?

red2tango1801d ago

At the end of the day, we just don't know. Just keep it together until E3.

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esmittystud1011801d ago

PS4.5 specs would be great. As well as XboxOne.5 specs as well. Could care less about an Slim X1 model.


Ps4.5 has B.C. feature.
XboxOne.5............just curious to see whats coming.

Now comes the guy that doesn't want B.C. on PS4 or will atleast say it will never happen. To this day I'm baffled why players wouldn't want great features on there consoles. Cost??????? OMG your so freakin cheap. God forbid the machine does more than play a PS4 game or stream something from PS3 or digital only for PS2...........can you see where I'm going with this? Sony.......I just think you could have done better than this.

- I can download a digital PS2 game on PS4 but I can't play a PS2 disc on the PS4.
- I can stream a PS3 game on PS4 but I can't play a PS3 disc in the PS4.

I just think its a crap deal and it was very not thought out well at the time. Microsoft is making so many more better decisions when it comes to these things.