Knack 2 Seemingly Set to Get a Reveal at Sony’s E3 2016 Briefing

Various rumours and insider sources point to a reveal of Knack 2 at Sony's E3 2016 show.

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C-H-E-F1792d ago

This would be really interesting actually. My wife and I really enjoyed Knack. It was so much different pace and kind of game than we normally play together.

naruga1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

if Knack 2 is real then there will be no Crash appearance ...if Sony is preparing Knack 2(not a bad descision, but CB is a whole different league, ) then for sure there is no Crash-bought-back-remake and all the rumors are futile assumptions .. they would nt want their franchises to compete each other and the former completely overshadow their new sequel

IRetrouk1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Maybe a double dose of platforming goodness???

Nitrowolf21792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Inb4 crash is back but just as a playable skin. It wouldn't surprise me as soon many different companies have gone that route with old mascots in the past.

1st one was fun though and better than the reviews lead people to believe. Sure it's repetitive, but I don't think it deserved all the harshness it got. Surprised it's not a free ps plus game. Maybe it'll be a surprise free game if the 2nd one gets announced

Chivas111792d ago

Dafuq are you talking about? Back in the PS2 era they had R&C, Jak&Daxter, and Sly Cooper
This gen, they already had Knack and R&C, they also have Driveclub and GT, Sony isn't afraid of their franchises competing against each other

freshslicepizza1792d ago

knack 2 could be a big hit, i just think the first one was rushed for launch. watchdogs 2 same thing.

pop_tarts1792d ago

Crash gonna be a cameo in Knack 2 =P

Silly Mammo1792d ago

Maybe Knack 2 is the code name for the new Crash game. Ahhh one can always hope.

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Wallstreet371792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Me. my son and GF loved taking turns co-oping in Knack. I never really understood where all the hate came from, especially since it was a launch game that still looked good and controlled well imo.

@GreatnessHascomeSlayedandRem ained....

Honestly idc what they produce as long as i have fun and enjoy it. One of Sonys strong points over everyone else is their variety of games. Games like Knack arent in abundance anymore so more is better, however if Jrpgs come (which many have been announced) im all in as well

1792d ago
Sono4211792d ago

It just needs better story telling.. that was the weakest part of the game if you ask me.. it had a great concept and the combat was good, but the story telling was just awful in terms of script and plot development, so hopefully they step that up

IamTylerDurden11792d ago

Knack was a different game on hard, it was extremely challenging and very enjoyable. Most ppl didn't play on hard, never touched co op, and never even collected enough gems or gadgets to experience the real joy of the game.

Knack is built on a beautiful custom engine and Japan Studios/Cerny will now have proper time and hardware to work with. Instead of dev kits and deadlines they have the 7th core and PS4K.

I thoroughly enjoyed Knack, but i expect Knack 2 to be a vastly improved game. I'd buy it.

TwistedMetal1792d ago

I herd you had to beat normal mode to unlock hard. then beat hard to unlock another difficulty etc you had to bea the game like 2-3 times to unlock the hardest difficulty and get the platinum is this true and why didnt they release a patch so that you can get hardest difficulty after only beating the game once.

Skate-AK1792d ago

The game was much more difficult when you played it on hard. I got the platinum for it

Shubhendu_Singh1792d ago

I think this is one game even hardcore playstation fan would agree was seriously mediocre to being bad.
Ofcourse this post will get disagrees, but literally nobody asked for Knack2.

Interesting to see what changed their mind. Will wait for reviews before jumping in, hopefully it won't get that bad reviews as the first game.

WickedLester1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Knack was a decent launch game. It wasn't "bad" in the sense that it was broken or unplayable. In fact I thought the mechanics were quite good. I loved the concept of Knack absorbing all these different properties and using different versions of himself to solve puzzles and get through each level. The story was forgettable but come on. It's a platformer. What were people expecting, The Last of Us? Who cares? That's not why you play platformers anyway.

My only real criticism of Knack was that it was a bit too "corridor" linear. I thought it could've done with some more wide open levels that allowed you to roam a bit more like in Ratchet and Clank. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty darn solid, especially for a launch game.

Germany71792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I still need to play the first game.
Btw, i was watching the second season of Bloodline on Netflix and some kids were playing Knack on the show, lol.

slappy5081792d ago

Same here. I was actually hoping to get it on ps plus these last few months. But I guess it's cheap enough, I'll just get the disc to add to my collection. Murphy s law I buy it and it comes out on ps plus the very next month lol

IRetrouk1792d ago

Its less than 5 pounds on the uk store at the min.

Wallstreet371792d ago

i bought it for like 10 bucks and have enjoyed it alot. My son loves co-op with me and i love his powers, Hes a very likable character. Its better than half the games out right now that ppl say are their goty lol

NotanotherReboot1792d ago

Wow, I must be a bigger Playstation an then since I pre-ordered it :O

Deadpooled1792d ago

Damn I was hoping for Crash, but if Mark Cerny is busy with Knack 2 then Crash is unlikely

IamTylerDurden11792d ago

No. Japan Studios developed Knack along with Mark Cerny. There is no reason Cerny needs to be attached to a Crash reboot. Why? Bc he worked at ND during the original Crash? Sumo or Sanzaru or another 1st party could make Crash. Crash will not be a full priced game anyway. It'll likely be a digital download while Knack 2 will be a full retail game.

Tobsesan1792d ago

Why would Sony make a game for a 3. Party IP??? If anything Activision has to find a Team

Deadpooled1792d ago

Crash and Knack 2 both could (and imo should) be a lower price, around the pricing Ratchet and Clank was which turned out to be the sweetspot as it has effectively put platformers back on the proverbial gaming map.

mike32UK1792d ago

The first one was far from perfect but it was a great throw back to old school platformers... I feel like the built a solid foundation and they just need to perfect/improve their formula

IRetrouk1792d ago

Yeah im thinking its gonna be like crash 2 or jak 2 was to their respective first goes.

TwistedMetal1792d ago

do you think its possible for it to be made into an open world type game like banjo kazooie, donkey kong 64? would love for that type of platformer to make a comeback in the new gen.

mike32UK1792d ago

I don't know but that would be great! Banjo-Kazooie is an all time favourite of mine.

NotanotherReboot1792d ago

How was it a throwback to old school platformers if it wasn't even a

mike32UK1792d ago

"Knack is a platforming beat 'em up video game developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony"

What are you talking about?

NotanotherReboot1792d ago

Never cite Wikipedia as if it's a reliable source lol. Knack is a beat em up. A platformer it is not. there are no platforming sections in Knack ( jumping across platforms) The areas you traverse through are all flat surfaces, witht eh occasional staircase. Compare the level design to Crash Bandicoot, a platformer through and through; Crash's levels are full of bottomless pits and moving platforms to jump on. Knack, on the other hand, has none of this, with the jump mechanic being used as a dodge mechanic within combat, just like in other beat 'em up games. People label it as a platformer just because of the cartoony art style and it's pretty annoying.

mike32UK1792d ago

I'll cite what I like "lol". What is your beef with people seeing this as a platformer? Just seen an IGN forum post of you whining from a year ago about the exact same thing... Change the record will you

NotanotherReboot1792d ago

Because it's not a platformer. As long people still call it one, then I will continue to correct them. Explain how you think it's a platformer? Also, Wikipedia is not factual, anyone can edit that site. We were forbidden from citing that site when I was at University.

mike32UK1792d ago

Cool life story, were you still using "lol" then too?

IGN - "Knack is a PlayStation 4-exclusive action platformer"

So the largest gaming news network is Incorrect and you (random Internet nobody) are correct? Pull the other one guy!

NotanotherReboot1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

That doesn't prove the game is a platformer. I've demonstrated using evidence based on its game design, mechanics and level design that it isn't a platformer, but an action beat em up. Where is any of this in this IGN article, to back up the claim? Again I'll reiterate: people glance at Knack and label it a platformer based on its artstyle. A cartoony game with a jump mechanic is not automatically a platformer. Platformers need platforming. Knack is combat focused. It's a throwback to old-school beat em ups, not platformers.
So again, can you give examples of Knack being a platformer based on its game design, level layout and mechanics?

mike32UK1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

This will be my final reply because I'm not one for getting caught up in n4g bull.

Platforming in the first 10 seconds. Thank you, and good night.

NotanotherReboot1791d ago

And how many chapters of flat surface, arena combat did you have to look through to find one brief section with platform based traversal? Exactly. One very minute section within the game does not warrant the title of "platformer". Other combat beat em up/hack n slash games like God of War also have brief sections that resemble platforming, but it's still makes up 1% of the game, with combat being the major focus. Jak and daxter the Precursor Legacy is a paltformer: every area has platforming. There are two brief sections where you are in an arena like area where you must only use combat to dispose of your foes. The combat in jak is limited, and this is mainly just here as a brief change of pace from the platforming that again, takes 99% of the game. We don't call Jak and daxter a "platforming combat game" Nope. Just liek how Knack, a game made up of 99% combat and 1% platforming" should not be labeled a action platformer, but an action beat em 'up.
You can try this with many games; every game will have a disitinct and obvious genre, but there will be a small brief section or 2 in the game where the design resembles that of another genre, but if thisstyle is not apparent and showcased throughout the game regularly, then the game cannot be labelled with the respective genre.

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