10 games from the last generation that truly deserve a HD remaster

George Foster from UntoldGaming writes:
HD remasters appear to be a dime a dozen in this generation, often being used to tide fans over whilst they wait for bigger releases. A lot of these definitive editions are for great games that are truly deserving, like Sleeping Dogs and Dishonored but there are also many that have been neglected. These are the games from last generation that I think truly deserve a HD remaster.

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Shillmeister1798d ago

A Red Faction Guerrilla remake would be pretty cool, but I feel it'd need rebuilding from the ground up to make it worth it tbh, so probably better for a sequel/reboot, because the destruction in that game can still hold its own to this day - imo - so to get pushed any further to warrant a remaster/remake, it'd need a wholly rebuilt engine.

Enslaved would be cool as well, so long as they changed the.. odd ending. I'd go through it again for that!

JakeNoseIt1798d ago

Agreed on inFamous. Would also really like Mass Effect games (never got a chance to play)

iDadio1797d ago

Ah man would love a remaster of Enslaved, excellent game

robtion1797d ago

Not a bad list. Enslaved, Red faction:G, Bulletstorm, Infamous, and Red Dead, are all really great games.

I-Hate-usernames1797d ago

Demon's souls and dark souls 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.