Crysis Q&A - Graphics, DirectX, and Windows Vista

While first-person shooters of yore were arcade-style games that put big guns in your hand and tasked you with dashing around various corridors from a first-person perspective, blasting everything that wasn't you, times have changed. The kind of gameplay players have come to expect from these games has grown and developed, and technology has definitely advanced. For instance, consider Crysis, the impressive-looking shooter from Crytek and EA Games. This shooter will pack a powerful punch in terms of advanced graphical effects, especially since it's being developed with Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Direct3D 10 graphics environment (also known as DirectX 10) and the upcoming Windows Vista operating system in mind. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli sat down with Gamespot to discuss the kind of technology we can expect to see in the game and how Crysis is being geared up for Vista.

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grifter0245237d ago

this game is going to look gorgeous. I mean who needs to go on a vacation to hawaii when you can just pop this game in your pc! Unless of course you dont wanna be shot at! lol i guess the closest thing you can get to playing this thing on a console is plugging your 360 controller in a usb port and playing in your living room like he says. lol

nice_cuppa5236d ago

i cant get a pc for 300 or 600 that will play all pc games for atleast the next 5 years.
a console gives me this so i hope crysis comes to 360 as i just spent 280 on my pc and that was just a graphics card.
i dont plan to ever upgrade again unless a part brakes....
sory but the money is better spent on girls and beer.
360 ftw.