Final Fantasy IX PC Port Could Be Headed to PS VITA

"Good news PS VITA lovers, it seems the beautiful port of Final Fantasy IX could be heading straight to your devices."

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GetSomeLoGiK1796d ago

Ps Vita but not PS4? Doubt it, especially since the user base on PS4 is definitely miles higher than the Vita. Unless there's something I'm missing as to why this would happen.

_-EDMIX-_1796d ago

How about both? The point is to make money, making MORE money on PS4 has nothing to do with making some money on Vita lol

Businesses don't operate that way. Its why I Am Setsuna, World Of Final Fantasy, even FFXHD is on Vita and PS4.

GetSomeLoGiK1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I'm not saying no to Vita, it's just this article makes it to seem that it's only coming to Vita which to me would not make sense. Reading comprehension can come a long way.

NukaCola1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Square Enix is a douche because none of their games are cross-buy. This was slightly off topic, sorry. I would love it if they would share their titles between consoles and Vita. I should be able to play WoFF on PS4, then take it to go when I leave my house. I mean I can cross-save thought right? So I can spend $60 for PS4 version and $40 for Vita version? Only $100!!!! /s BS Square!

ONESHOTV21796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

why does every game that go on the vita the ps4 guys come in and cry wolf can you let the vita have at least one game for it's self if there is 8 million ps vita in north america then at least 1 million or so would buy a copy isn't 1 million a good sales number for an old game like this i really do wonder when most of you are going to stop acting so greedy you don't even want your fellow PS console owner to enjoy themselves if you dont get your share. and people ask why i dont own a ps4

GetSomeLoGiK1796d ago

Please understand what I am saying. I am questioning why it would be Vita only since FF7 came out to PS4, it would not make sense. If anything, my original comment implies that it should come to both. I would not mind it coming to Vita, but a exclusive in this case just would not make sense i.e. FF7. People need to go back to Elementary school to understand reading comprehension...

Software_Lover1796d ago

......... The Vita still exists?

DarkZane1796d ago

There is no way the Vita is getting something like this if the PS4 isn't.

Darkwatchman1794d ago

Um actually yes. The vita is an RPG machine.

Darkwatchman1796d ago

I'd definitely get this on vita right away. Rpg's on the go all day every day please.

TheColbertinator1796d ago

I'd appreciate a physical copy on Vita