Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows, Xbox 360 Wired Controller and Steam Controller discounted

The Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows has been discounted to $39.99. Also on sale are the Xbox 360 Wired Controller at $26.99 and the Steam Controller at $34.99.

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TheRealTedCruz1795d ago

At $35, the Steam controller is something interesting enough to dip into and see what's what. Seems like a solid controller all around, even if I have heard mixed things here and there.

amazinglover1795d ago

Yeah but at 26.99 for a wired 360 there is no reason to get a steam controller as someone who has both I much prefer 360 or consider getting the Xbox one version which is just as good and in some ways better.

gamer78041795d ago

Just fyi Xbox one controller doesn't have the revamped shoulder buttons and 3.5mm jack

1794d ago