Horizon: Zero Dawn looks awesome - and this is why

Hunting mechanical dinosaurs with bows and arrows, in a gorgeous post-apocalyptic jungle

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Aloy-Boyfriend1350d ago

All those machines to hunt in the wild... So beautiful and ambitious. I root for this game's success

1349d ago
ninsigma1349d ago

Using them as transport was unexpected! Game looks damn freakin awesome! No more trailers for me though. I'm good until the game come out!

Sunny_D1349d ago

Yeah, it seemed so obvious that you could ride them, but I was surprised once I saw the new trailer.

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DragonbornZ1350d ago

Gatdamn I love the design of the main character.

starchild1349d ago

Looks really cool. Coming February 28th! This trailer got me pretty excited for the game.

R6ex1349d ago

PS4 has more great games than XB1 & PC combined!

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The story is too old to be commented.