Today I Regretted Not Backing Bloodstained

Josh Griffiths writes: "I wish I backed the game at the $60 tier now, so I can show all you lovely boys and girls the demo. Maybe if we contacted the developers, or a backer, I don’t know, accidentally on accident sent us an email -on accident of course - containing the Steam key?"

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garyanderson1797d ago

I dunno, the trailer isn't doing much for me

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KimikoGaming1797d ago

It seems to be more of a progress trailer. Once enemies are placed in those rooms and we see combat footage, I think it will look a lot better.

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ZaWarudo1797d ago

I wish i could've backed it, But i'm just too cautious of Kickstarter. Goddamn though, the latest tech demo made me tear up a bit.

tanukisuit1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I don't blame you - there are so many projects I wanted to back, but I got cold feet after being reminded of all these projects that ended abruptly.
I've only backed Shenmue 3, and like the article's author, I regret not backing this one!

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HellzAssassin1797d ago

The only game I've ever backed on Kickstarter. And I backed a full $60, to receive the physical copy. As a huge Castlevania fan, and I love the 2-D metroidvanias, this game had me the second I found out about it. Can't wait for more!

rezzah1792d ago

Getting the physical copy too.

DarkOcelet1797d ago

Bloodstained and Yooka Laylee looks amazing. I wish the same can be said about the visual aspects of Mighty No.9. Hopefully all three games are awesome to play.

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