Test Chamber – Swinging Through The City In Mirror's Edge Catalyst

GameInformer - Watch us play Mirror's Edge Catalyst to find out why it doesn't live up to the original.

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Zorkaz1796d ago

I'm gonna be honest. Videos like this are going to be the death of Catalyst. To start with, it's one of those games that you can't just watch. The feeling it gives you when running through Glass is unique and awesome. You feel free. And secondly, I'm sick of people (sorry Poods, you too this time) playing through this game and crashing into every wall, falling off every building, and running in circles. This video wasn't that bad, it wasn't top notch but it was alright. But still, what kind of image do those videos give off? It doesn't convey the awesome flow of the game (which honestly feels better than the first by far, plus you won't accidentally shift off a building when not jumping straight, or get stuck on a pain bucket and mess up your dash). For me anyways, I've fallen in love with it, but for all those out there considering whether to buy it, either watch some better playthroughs or have a go at it yourselves at a friends. You need to feel the flow, that's the magic of the game!