A Skyrim remaster might be on the way but here's why Bethesda will never do Morrowind HD

If the online rumour mill - which has been very right this week - is correct, we're getting an Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim remaster. A number of reports suggest a PS4 and Xbox One remake of the one game that literally everyone has been screaming for.

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Iberius1795d ago

Man I loved Morrowind. It was my first experience with an Elder Scrolls game. If they ever remake it, I'll buy it day 1.

Armaggedon1793d ago

SMy first and favorite Elder Scrolls game

TC7311794d ago

I lost 2 years of my life to Morrowind. Easily the best Elder Scrolls. Huge, immersive, and memorable with a vast variety.

Armaggedon1793d ago

It had the strongest rpg elements, and the since of discovery was far better in Morrowind as wel.

TheColbertinator1794d ago

Because they're stupid,that's why.

kevnb1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Luckily people have modded morrowind to be hd and to have a further view distance, but for whatever reason I like it better with the cloud hiding the smaller view distance.
I don't think they will remake it, there is so much dialog that would probably have to be voice acted to please today's audience. The combat probably wouldn't fly either, but it's meant to be based on stats and luck and not really player skill. There's a lot of depth in building your character that just isn't there in the newer games, but I suspect it just won't sell anywhere near skyrim.

1793d ago
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