Phantasy Star: Grandfather of Console MMO

Dash Bomber writes, "Phantasy Star Online was originally released on the Dreamcast as two separate games. An expansion was later released on the GameCube and Xbox with both games and extra content as one game. PSO was the first of its own kind a first massive multiplayer online games on a console. Sega had a massive success on its hands with this game and with good reason. PSO was a ton of fun if only slightly limited by the amount of content. But, to this day Phantasy Star Online still has an active player base on private servers which can be accessed through different means. In-spite of the content limitation PSO is still fondly remembered as the grandfather of console MMOs."

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SirBradders1802d ago

I wish they re released the full pso on Android and ios with online functionality. That would make an awesome reason to game on mobile.