So Bad It’s Good: Lost Reavers is Fun!

Dash Bomber writes, "Launched on April 28th 2016 Lost Reavers was a free-to-pay game exclusive to the Wii U. Developed by Bandai Namco and released to almost universal disdain, Lost Reavers is an objectively awful game. But, while this brings me pain to admit it, I love this game. LR brings almost nothing unique to the table, with 4 characters on a quest to find a relic at the end of the level and bring it back to their safe zone. Players can obviously tell that Bandai Namco took zero risks with this game, yet I can’t help, but to play it every day after work."

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iplay1up21799d ago

I played this game a few times, its okay the first hour, then you come to realize, that's it, that same task over and over.

It graphics could have been done on Cube/PS2/Cube.

Boring, and would not pay a dime for it!

wonderfulmonkeyman1798d ago

Thankfully you don't have to.XD

Still, I'm glad to see that they've started doing updates to the game.
They've added a new map and new weapons; hopefully they'll do more things to it to spice it up as time goes by.