Source Expects New God of War At PlayStation E3, 'Definitely' Going To Be There

Brands like inFamous, Uncharted and Killzone have already seen new iterations on the next-generation platform, but God of War has remained quiet (God of War III: Remastered notwithstanding).

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Aloy-Boyfriend1803d ago

Hell yes!
Gimme Norse Mythology

_-EDMIX-_1803d ago

I was actually hoping for an entirely new ip, but if its Norse but just not Kratos........I could be down for that. ie God Of War concept.

Pogmathoin1803d ago ShowReplies(9)
Germany71803d ago

God of War with Norse mythology will be epic.

nevin11803d ago


And I'm currently copying Chains of Olympus from PS3 to PSP.

gtxgamer21803d ago

God I hate social media. Way to ruin the surprise! (If true)

HawaiianDreads1803d ago

Ruin what? We knew about this for months.

Inzo1802d ago

Santa monica has made no secret about them working on a new GOW. So its not realy a surprise.

LiViNgLeGaCY1802d ago

I think he means the fact that it's going to be shown at E3.

jeremyj29131801d ago

The only "surprise" is that they didn't show it last year. I'm going they are planning on doing something similar to the Fallout 4 announcement and have the game out a couple months after E3. That would be huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.