Will Microsoft Copy Little Big Planet? It's Possible HipHopGamerShow 8/31/08

* Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden coming to PS3?
* Socom Beta Starts September 1st (Qore Ep 1.)
* GTA 4 DLC Will it be huge or is it long over due?
* Siren: Blood Curse and The Last Guy Reviews
* Much Much More… Enjoy The Show

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tordavis3703d ago

Best intro ever! You should have stuck with that for the entire show! OMG the angles!!!!!!!!!!!11

La Chance3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Since EVERYONE (that means Sony included) copies when a good idea comes out MSFT might bring up a similar concept.

Im sure the concept will be copied (Nintendo or/and MSFT) but enhanced etc.

Almost every good idea no matter from whom has been copied somewhere down the way.

edit : oh sorry , I made a mistake , Sony never copy they only innovate.

NO_PUDding3703d ago


They copy totally, but they also innovate more than everyone else in the industry, certainly from a games standpoint.

La Chance3703d ago

Yeah , maybe on a games standpoint they innovate more than MSFT, I dont disagree with that.

bpac1234567893703d ago

not to say that sony and nitendo doesn't copy, but Microsoft does it blatantly. I meen come on "Avatars."

p.s: sony never copied the nitendo mii's. the idea of home had been in the works since playstation 2 it just never got off the ground until ps3. When i find the source of this information i will post it.

LastDance3703d ago

"Yeah , maybe on a games standpoint they innovate more than MSFT, I dont disagree with that. "

I would go as far as too say that they do MORE innovation outside the console world.

They are a very advancing company.

vickers5003703d ago

It's not a question of "will" they copy it, the question is "when" will they copy it.

robbo9183703d ago

Honestly the only big thing I disagree with you on in your thread is the Nintendo/Wii part. They may WANT to copy PS3 (or even X360) but their little wand waving machine would explode if it tried. They could make a watered down cheap version of it but graphically the Wii cries every time it sees X360 or PS3 games. I think it probably had to have therapy over seeing what Force Unleashed looks like on the big boy consoles versus what it gets.

On topic, yes if LBP is as big a success as I think it will be they will copy it. They probably have a game in development now to copy. I am not slamming on MS this time, its just what happens a lot in business.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3703d ago

You know I'm here first to comment!

That Joker theme from the start was tight. Keep showing the love and diss the haters!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Yep!!! And it will be called 'Little Big FLOPPY' and it will FLOP HARD!!! ;-D
( 99% of xBox 360 stuff then!!!)

SirKenKutaragiShow 8/31/08;)

Deadman643703d ago


Pain3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

but good luck with that M$ well wait to see how bad it is like 90% of the things u copy.

And please give this guy a Thesaurus.,or a Websters dic idk learn to speak American err English....err Canadian dammit....but im not a grammer nazi so i dont care.

edit and i luv the part in the begining when the light goes out lmao. 'Oh another boo boo?" did he say that????
And to add DOA on PS3 woud kill can u say Tiffa ftw? and GTA4 's lack luster is cuz XBOX 2 held it back... *cough* DVD9 No HDD *cough*....n mm Socom...

egm_hiphopgamer3703d ago you will see the bloopers from todays show enjoy

Chubear3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

*money, money money money, money money, money money* XD

I love this show! XD

I mean look at this thing. 430 degrees with over 170 comments is a few hours lol This dude has blown the hell up. Hope he continues to evolve and grow though and not stay stagnant.

When you get as much love & hating as this guy has gotten in the short time his been on, that's pure success right there. I love reading the comments of haters XD they hate him yet they'll continually watch his shows and comment on any topic about him XD cracks me up lol I love it!

The Hiphop gamer showwwwwwww
*Money, money money...* XD

Homicide3703d ago

* Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden coming to PS3? = maybe

* Socom Beta Starts September 1st (Qore Ep 1.)= Actually, it starts on the 5th

* GTA 4 DLC Will it be huge or is it long over due? = long overdue

* Siren: Blood Curse and The Last Guy Reviews = Siren is a great game. Last Guy, not so much.

* Much Much More… Enjoy The Show = Can hardly wait.

How was that Silogon?

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Jamie Foxx3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

like with scene it,lips,mii avatars etc

to get anywhere near LBPs potential is going to be a huge feat for whoever tries maybe the rare team? whoever it is they need to be EXTREMELY talented

tordavis3703d ago

Jamie Foxx, wake up! Scene It has been available since before Buzz was even an idea. They just took the DVD based game and ported it to the 360.

Xbox 1 had a Karaoke game so Lips isn't copying Singstar. Avatars is a copy of Mii's but it's better.

cliffbo3703d ago

tordavis: what planet have you been living on? it's so obvious that Lips is a copy of a really old PS2 game and that Scene-it is a copy of Buzz... jesus, they even copied the controler (was that on the DVD version?) look, enjoy your 360, but please open your eyes. Sony are doing what Sony always did and MS are doing what they've always done. and i don't even have to spell that sentence out for the majority to understand... it's that ingrained into the psych

Will_Smith3703d ago

that line "wake up"... it used to peeve me off about the Ron Paul supporters saying it like it ment something.

how about YOU "wake up" and realize that LBP will obviously be copied by Microsoft... The xbox karaoke game you talk about was fail, meanwhile Singstar incuded real videos from real artist and it made it HUGE in sales and popularity.

if xbox had a singstar like game why did it not come out with a sequel ever, while Singstar came out with dozens of versions of the game itself. Avatars like Mii but better? in what way... because you can watch movies now. Thats not being better thats just doing something the Wii can't do in a system that can.

tordavis3703d ago

@Cliffbo - Scene It existed long before Buzz. It started out as a DVD game. Are you trying to tell me that Buzz came out before 2002, then Screenlife copied Buzz and MS copied Buzz? Scene It was licensed for Xbox 360. It's not an MS creation. Learn your sh!t!!!


"Based in Seattle, WA., Screenlife, LLC is a premier game company that's bringing a new dimension to the way the world has fun. Screenlife is the creator and world's leading developer of DVD games, including Scene It?, the number-one selling DVD game worldwide. Scene It?® The DVD Game™ launched in 2002 and has sold more than 15 million DVD games."

cliffbo3703d ago

tardis: that's not the point. the point is that Buzz came out on a console and MS saw how successful it was so they then signed Scene-it and copied the Buzz controller. everything has been done before to a certain extent, it's just that Sony popularise and innovate in ways that MS can't even begin to match

Stryfeno13703d ago

So by your logic Buzz is a copy of Scene it...Sony saw how successful Scene it was and decided to bring a copycat version on their console.

candystop3703d ago

Yeah sony innovates while every feature the PS3 has was on xbox or 360 1st minus the bluray. Whether you like it or not MS is the company leading innovation this generation with software and services while Sony and it's fans are claiming things out of there azz!

Ozzyb3703d ago

haha.. just because your console launched first, does NOT mean that it innovated anything. I'm not even going to rattle off to you the bonus features (innovations) that the PS3 has over the 360. Go look them up for yourself.. go ahead.. right now. Which one did MS innovate? I hate to sound like a fanboy, but I hate people sounding ignorant even more.

SixTwoTwo3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I thinks its hilarious that you call yourself a "true gamer". I mean here you are, again, arguing with fanboys about who did what and who did it first. If you were a "true gamer" you wouldn't give a rats a** about any of the fanboy arguments/comments and just enjoy the games/products/consoles/servic es/etc.

thebudgetgamer3703d ago

every things been done nothings truly original deal with it

candystop3703d ago

1st off your little trophies and built in hdd were all inspired by MS as well as online gaming as a standard for consoles even though that started with Dreamcast which MS had a hand in. I could think of several other things but don't feel the need to play tag with you. So your telling me if MS has something 1st and another copies that it isn't innovative but when Sony does something 1st it is? Yeah your a fanboy alright and you sound extremely ignornant if thats what you believe. Also bring on the disagrees people but all you do is prove that I'm making a point and you nit wits simply can't handle the truth. It's hilarious how you try and tell me to look something else when you should be the person doing that.

cliffbo3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )


seriously you need to start seeing and not just looking. things have swung around now. i know it's upsetting, but it was also annoying when we PS3 owners had very few games on PSN and Blu-ray... but now... boy did i make the right choice. keep crowing as much as you like... enjoy your console... but please go to a friends house who has a PS3, download something from PSN like a game or interview or wallpaper or theme (for free) get him to play a Blu-ray game like MGS and maybe, just maybe, you'll understand why you get attacked so much

Dark General3703d ago

Just a small interjection here but there was a hard drive built for the Ps2 before the original Xbox launched. Just want to point that out there. Now having a Hard Drive standard with every console yeah they probably took that idea and ran with it from the xbox. But then again with blu-ray slow read speeds and requiring a install beforehand maybe they might have researched it a bit and determined a HD was needed. But that might be a bit of a stretch.

As far as online goes they both copied the Dreamcast. Same for triggers. In fact i always say the xbox and 360 controller as just rip of the Dreamcast controller more or less. But that's not necessarily a bad thing since i believe the Dreamcast was the best controller ever.

tordavis3703d ago

@SixTwoTwo - You are so right. Sometimes I see a post and just lose it! I hear you though.

vdesai3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Had to get in on this one.

Every system has copied the box that Baer created. Now Microsoft copied the dreamcast controller. Scene it copied jeopardy. Sony copied drawing. Sega copied...failing? Nintendo copied every other major cooperation using brand loyalty and "innovation" to reel in millions of unsuspecting and uncaring consumers. Buttons were copied by everyone from the first device with buttons. Everyone copied Benjamin Franklin by using electricity (I love the family guy episode). Every system since PS1 has (except those morons at Nintendo) copied the Sega CD. Now that should be enough to keep you all busy.

Incase you didn't notice I hate Nintendo, every system they have ever created should have failed except their first two generation systems and the handhelds up to the GBA.

For the record Microsoft has never been known to innovate. The only thing I could give them would be the Hard drive in the xbox. They even stole the basis of each OS leading up to the creation of the (all the OSs that used DOS, so DOS was stolen) NT kernel which still uses legacy DOS code. Bill Gates is nothing but a good business man majority of the work on "his" operating system was done by other people. Blu-Ray does not have slow read speeds. This has been proven and stated many times.

boodybandit3703d ago

Your comment:
**1st off your little trophies and built in hdd were all inspired by MS**
could not be more wrong.

Ratchet and Clank had a more similar trophy system to what the PS3 is now using vs. the achievement system from the 360. It's not like MS created a trophy / achievement system. Award systems have existed in other games before. As usual MS saw something, added / expanded on it, and included it in their offerings.

With the HDD. Sony had theirs planned before the original XBox even launched. Get your facts straight next time before you spout off.

Everybody copies everyone else but MS has built their empire around it.

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Odion3703d ago

the show is the most bias crap ever

silverchode3703d ago

how is power ranger, i mean halo.

kenjix3703d ago

news 4 360 gamers podcast with your host zero 360 tolerance

Deadman643703d ago

i think you mean how is the most popular game series? Or the most played online? or the best party/match making system? is that the game you mean?

ThatCanadianGuy3703d ago


What? most popular game series? would be either mario,COD,GTA,FF,MGS or gran turismo.

Most played online? well that would be COD4.

Best match making and party system? dont know about i'll let you have that one.

Shame tho 1 out of 3.
Epic fail.

silverchode3703d ago

no i meant that halo reminds me of power rangers, also halo is not the most popular gaming series, most played yea but not most popular.

egm_hiphopgamer3703d ago

so why do you watch it? i've seen you comment before on my show so if it's bias why watch it

HipHopGamerShowFan3703d ago

HipHopGamer, he problably has a reputatuion for doing dumb acts.

KBDuB3703d ago

"Most played online? well that would be COD4." Nope. Not anymore, homeboy. COD4 is not the top anymore. It hasn't been the top for some time now.

play_b3yond3703d ago

I just checked and Call of Duty is the most played, with Halo 3 following.

KBDuB3703d ago

Really? I saw yesterday, I think, that Halo 3 was on top. Oh, well. Don't matter to me.

Anyways, thanks for settin me straight! haha =P

ThatCanadianGuy3703d ago

No.COD4 is still the most played.

StrikingDmc43703d ago

a sony droid of course always bias for the ps3

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TheColbertinator3703d ago

Good show.Not really news but fun to watch.Approved

egm_hiphopgamer3703d ago

i'm glad you liked the show and thanks for your comment but you said that there wasn't really news please explain. i talked about news on the ps3,360,and the wii, so i mean come on. videogame reviews don't count as news either i mean come on man there's alot of news there 1luv and god bless ok PSNID - hiphopgamer1 2 3 4 5 6 and jackal11 xbox-gamertag is bullets360

TheColbertinator3703d ago

Don't worry about it too much man.Just keep gaming