Blizzard's Life Time Bans, Righteous Or Ridiculous?

Blizzard Entertainment just handed out life time bans, to several thousand cheaters, earlier this week. Where some might find this all fine and dandy, others think that these punishments might be a bit to harsh for first time offenders? Poli Games host, Joseph, shares his thoughts on the issue. Is Blizzard on the righteous path with banning cheaters. Or is it way to ridiculous to hand out life time bans with out warnings? What do you think?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1794d ago

the rules are the rules, so righteous!

Poli_Games1794d ago

That's very true! What about a first offense though? Should you give them a warning or you think perma ban is the way to send a message?

Relientk771794d ago

Righteous, ban the cheaters

I3loggs241794d ago

I personally disagree with developers/publishers having absolute control over a paid for game, If you catch a cheater then mark there account for monitoring and patch your anti cheat, Im not against perma bans in official or ranked servers for cheaters.

Poli_Games1794d ago

What does everyone think of life time bans? Are they fair? Are they maybe a bit too extreme? Let's talk about it!

kbozz711793d ago

I think it sends a pretty clear message. Give a cheater a second chance, and he'll most likely look for a way to cheat again and not get caught.