Microsoft could turn every PC into an Xbox

This time next week, we'll know exactly what Microsoft is planning for the future of its Xbox One console. With sales continuing to lag behind Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft has started to focus on combining PC gaming with the Xbox One. The first signs of this started when the Xbox One was originally launched with a customized version of Windows 8, but the software maker upgraded the console to Windows 10 in November. This is where things start to get interesting.

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-Mezzo-1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

No, they won't.

But Looking forward to what Microsoft does with the Xbox.

ULTp0ltergeist1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

They are halfway there, so they more likely will.

morganfell1795d ago

This may be Microsofts real plan and their smartest move. Scorpio is likely not a new Xbox but rather a PC Dev kit for the Xbox ecosystem. Everything MS is doing is a move away from hardware exclusivity. Why would they then announce a new system? There will be a slim launched but that is at a cheaper production cost and to insure MS is on board with 4K Bluray discs.

Hardcore fans do not accept that every move MS has been making is to put the Xbox ecosystem on other devices and move toward hardware agnosticism. They are moving in the direction where Xbox is a software platform. There will be no Scorpio announcement at E3 because Scorpio isn't what people think. MS will mention more powerful Xbox platforms in the future but these are not platforms MS owns but instead are the very other owned platforms on which the Xbox ecosystem can exist. The Xbox division had to evolve as new investors were pressing for it's sell. It was the best possible move for MS.

BitbyDeath1795d ago

I wonder what this site will be like if MS announces Scorpio to be a PC like steam machine.
Not long to go for E3 now.

Shubhendu_Singh1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

You can be sure as hell they won't be getting PC money from multiplatforms even if they somehow managed to get THIRD party titles to WindowsStore UWP.

For Xbox exclusives coming to PC? Sure. Because only way PC gamers can play it is through Xbox ecosystem WStore.

But other than that, 90% multiplatforms even if available on WStore, PC gamers will choose Steam. So No, I don't think Microsoft can turn every PC into Xbox. They can only get the exclusive software sales from PC though because there is literally no other way.

slate911795d ago

What the hell did morganfell allow his fingers to type?

ULTp0ltergeist1795d ago


Something about a Xbox crate with hidden goodies I guess ...

nitus101795d ago

It may come as a shock but not everyone runs a Microsoft operating system on their PC.

Basicaly, my PC runs Linux but can also run other operating systems including Microsft's Windows 10 in a virtual machine which is actually quite nice in that I have full control over what that operating system can do.

Eonjay1795d ago

So, obviously this works well for Microsoft. It means that (through no fault of my own) I now have an Xbox.
Lets face it, if Microsoft does this they will sell more games. They will sell it to folks like me with a decent PC and they will sell it to folks with an Xbox.
NX rumors are more crazy than Xbox and PlayStaion rumors so I don't know where to go with that yet.
And obviously, I will need a PS4 to play Sony's exclusives.

So for the ultimate gaming experience, you need a PC, a PS4/Neo and most likely an NX. All of your bases are covered at that point.

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ONESHOTV21795d ago

would that be a problem ? they are making money i dont know if are a MS guy or just a troll but that's not a smart comment

1795d ago
garrettbobbyferguson1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"No they won't"

This. I'm still on Windows 7. Good luck turning my PC into an Xbox. Not to mention Microsoft would have hell on their hands if they attempted to do anything that undermines Steam or GOG.


Objectively? My objective experience with it has been pretty trash on my laptop. And faster is relative. Takes my 7 machine about 10 seconds to get to my desktop.

IrishSt0ner1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Yea well I would like the ability to play my purchased Xbox games directly on my PC (what the article is about) Plus, WIndows 10 is objectivly faster than Windows 7, the store is a seperate closed platfrom.. don't see them gaining much market share from Steam or GoG (with their UWP locked store) but as far as the OS goes, it's an improvement.

iTechHeads1796d ago

This is just not going to happen.
It's just wishful thinking.

PC already gets these games. Publishers have their own services to push like UPlay/Origin/Steam/etc. These publishers will not publish these games on the Windows Store because they won't give Microsoft a cut.

Then there's the obvious reasons like if Xbox One games could be played on PC, there would be even less reasons to own an Xbox One. (Believe it or not, Microsoft still needs to sell these consoles in order to sell Xbox Live Gold subs. PC Gamers will not pay for it)

TLTR: Xbox Live Gold is a big earner for Microsoft. Xbox consoles are necessary for this. Online play is free on PC.

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Bobafret1795d ago ShowReplies(1)
Herbalistic1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Microsoft has a tough road ahead when dealing with PC gamers after the horror of GFWL.There are tons of gamers who refuse to purchase anything from Win10 app store/believe anything coming from Microsoft when it comes to adding standard community features & not being a walled in garden.

Xavy1796d ago


And about making a Bone out of every PC is just a Fanboy dream that will never ever happend. Windows Store will never be like Steam.

Khaotic1795d ago

True or not. Sounds like hateful fanboy speak to me...some people are soooo sad

1795d ago
Utalkin2me1795d ago


Sure MS is trying to monopolize it as they do with everything else. The problem is PC gamers hate MS/Windows, and thats the major problem for them. And it's not how people get crazy over consoles, its how people get crazy over MS and the crap they pull. You dont see PS fans and Nintendo fans going at each other like this. I just find it odd people are stupid enough to support MS after all the stuff they have pulled over the years. But hey, whatever floats their boat.

Perjoss1795d ago

"There are tons of gamers who refuse to purchase anything from Win10 app store/believe anything coming from Microsoft when it comes to adding standard community features & not being a walled in garden."

I'm one if those people, no way I touch anything on the win10 store unless its free.

mark_parch1795d ago

you might as well by an xbox then

Dario_DC1795d ago

Same here that's why I only got Killer Instinct

Utalkin2me1795d ago

Unless people find a way to get the games and crack them to play without windows store i wont be touching any of them anytime soon. Which i will probably say will happen within the next year.

2pacalypsenow1796d ago

Unless MS forces people to use their Windows store (They are already forcing people to upgrade to windows 10) that will never happen

BitbyDeath1795d ago

Xbox owners won't have a choice, they want Xbox games they will need to use the Windows store once the merger is complete.

DeadlyFire1795d ago

Xb store is pretty much same thing

Perjoss1795d ago

That well known star wars saying springs to mind, the more you tighten your grip...

DeadlyFire1795d ago

They are already trying to tie some games exclusively to Windows 10 store.

Antifan1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Name it what they want.. As long as i can run Steam and have the privilege to continue to ignore the Windows Store, don't care.

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