OCModShop: Left 4 Dead - We Played It

Patrick Holloway writes,

"Get ready for something…original. Left 4 Dead had a kiosk set up in PAX and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on it.

The first thing you notice in the game is its constant attention to detail. The walls have phrases written on it that the developers said were there to help expand the story, each Zombie out of the hundreds looks unique, and the environments have such a texture to them that rivals that of anything released prior.

Left 4 Dead still continues to impress and at the level it is at right now, we have a conteder for game of the year…and the game isn't even finished yet."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3703d ago

I'm like a scratched tape recorder.

This game is 6-8 hrs long with bad graphics.

InMyOpinion3703d ago

How long is Warhawk? This game is all about the multiplayer.

HipHopGamerShowFan3703d ago

What are you talking about Jenzo?

Warhawk doesnt even have a story


PirateThom3703d ago

Jenzo, your comebacks keep getting more ridiculous as time goes by.

Funny that.

InMyOpinion3703d ago

What I meant was that Left4Dead is a multiplayer game just like Warhawk, so it's not fair to measure it by it's length like with a single player game.

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