$2.32 Million of Black Nintendo DS Lite Gone Missing

Looks like the black Nintendo DS Lite is hotter than ever. A container (those large metal structures that carry cargo) full of black Nintendo DS Lite and DS games had gone missing in Hong Kong when it was making its way from China (where the DS Lites are made) to Europe (where the black Lites are launching). The reported loss was $18 million Hong Kong dollars (US$2.32 million).

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shotty6581d ago

Thats only 20 000 DS lites, I guess someone out there is really happy. Thats why you should send them over air, now we have bootleg black ds lites in hong kong. Not hard to find the culpret.

Arsenic136581d ago

i want blk ds , US please, no UK. polar burns my eyes.

OutLaw6581d ago

They should keep a eye on ebay. Those things probably would show up there

Lucidmantra6581d ago

LOL... if they do that is my nominee for stupiest criminal ever. But they were stolen in HK so...

PS360PCROCKS6581d ago

DAMN! That SUCKS for nintendo, but no the dumbest criminal ever is a man who escaped from jail and swam across I think the rio grande (it was some river) and when he got to the opposite side his getaway car wasn't their, so he swam back to the other side, where the jail was to use the phone and got caught, true story saw it on "Worlds dumbest criminals"

Schmitty076581d ago

Wow that sucks, I hope they catch the theif/ves.

I probably ask for one of these sweet things for my b-day in September. My friend got one on launch, and the screen is so much brighter than the old ones.

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I can't wait for it to look Even worse than the original and force exp share


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