Microsoft To Showcase "Super Solid Lineup" & New XB1 Hardware w/Internal Power Supply @ E3 Briefing

More leaks about Microsoft's Xbox E3 2016 Briefing indicate that there will be a "super solid lineup" as well as the Xbox One "Slim", in all likelihood.

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Garethvk2959d ago

it will make things interesting. Sony goes after them so they can always adjust as needed.

Zeref2959d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

You can't change what you announce in a day. That's not how things work xD.

@people below

They didn't change the ram in a day smh. Sony is usually just 8 hours after Microsoft. Less than half a day. if you think these things can happen in 8 hours you're delusional. Also the PS4 was already in production. You can't change stuff that's already in production. You have to cancel production and start all over. Which results into a delay. Which didn't happen. This is really just common sense.

The price was already fixed. They didn't change it. I remember someone said in an interview that when MS announced the $500 pricepoint Sony guys were running up and down the hallway, they were happy because they had the pricing advantage at $400. Even a thing as pricing you can't change it last minute. The costs have already been carefully planned and calculated. You guys underestimate how much goes into such a show. The only thing they might have added was the powerpoint that showed how "gamer friendly" they were by countering Xbox One's original policies. And even that was planned way before the day of E3 2013 because the Xbox One with its original policies was announced a good two or three months before E3. Almost none of E3 2013 was a direct reaction to Microsofts conference. Pricing was just pure coincidence. The mud throwing was planned way before E3.

PunisherRevenge2959d ago

It worked for Sony before!!!!


Yeah that's why Sony threw 8gb of GDDR5 in MS face, It sucks and was dirty and if it were 4gb this gen would have been more equal with PS4 still displaying 1080p most likely but worse textures and draw distance on 3rd party titles as compared to X1. If MS would have waited longer and went with DDR4 like they were than maybe it would have been a little closer but the GPU is still underpowered compared. If MS does come out with a "Stronger 6tflop" console than you can bet they won't let Sony beat them again. Fanboys aside, these two juggernauts don't get to outdo each other very often and they have both won and lost in the past to hardware or software so it will be interesting to say the least!

Pogmathoin2959d ago

People agree with gutz..... Unbelievable......

showtimefolks2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )


dude sony an always add more exclusives to their show. going 2nd does have it's benefits. do you really think last year sony would have shown shenmue 3,FF7 and TLG at the same conference if it wasn't for MS have shown a lot of strong content

yes sony can't change much of 3rd party showing in a day but they always have plan B. have some trailers ready for games that they don't want to announce just yet but will if needed

they don't need permission of anyone to show their own exclusives

there are these rumors flying around before E3 about MS. so you think sony is just sitting there saying oh well what can we do

and it's not changing it's called adjusting your strategy

Wallstreet372959d ago

I dont understand what your saying lol Sony has way more first party studios working on games than microsoft and at will can withhold or add more games to their presentation as they see fit. Its a fact Microsoft cannot go toe to toe with Sony in the games department, Sony just has too many guns.

GameNameFame2959d ago


Lol. Are you serious?

Yes. Sony decided to upgrade to 8 Gig ram. A change with huge sourcing and manufacturing ramification. Based on what? MS presentation? in less than a day?

Lets stop the desperate strawgrasping here.

MS product was inferior spec due to so much focus on multimedia and kinect entertainment.

JackBNimble2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )


Sony announced the ps4 had 8gb gddr5 on feb 20/2013 at the official ps4 reveal , that's about 3 1/2 months before E3.

Edit: I will also add that the ps4 reveal was months before xbox one , and all ps4 specs were announced as well. So how was that a dirty move by Sony ?

Kingthrash3602959d ago

This ^^^^
I was just about to say this....how on earth are people agreeing with guts when he is totally wrong. MS had 31/2 months to counter them...they didnt, then on top of not counting they still overpriced the Xbox and still went and reveled it as a tc product. They seen sonys pure gaming plan and still went on with the whole anti consumer plan.
Man I'm happy to hear they might have new ips I cant wait to see what they got in store, but that comment pissed me off

andrewsquall2959d ago

@GUTZnPAPERCUTZ Why the hell did so many people disagree with you? Its so true. Even Digital Foundry said back before the PS4 was revealed there was no way they would be able to put 8gbs of GDDR5 in the PS4.

Here is the proof from 18/01/13 http://www.eurogamer.net/ar... THAT is why the console's reveal was such a big deal. It doesn't matter if you close your ears and disagree, it HAPPENED. And because they nailed it with GDDR5 for now, its easy to bump up the clock speeds on this new Neo and still have the best architecture going from the get go.

The only megaton Xbox can do at E3 will be if they announce something around the lines of "anybody who picks up the Slim Xbone this year, gets a free upgrade to the Scoprio next year".

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Budrazor2959d ago

They didn't change the ram, but changes were made smh.

marquisray2959d ago

So that gives microsoft time to change things once sony announce there product they have time . This is going to be good lol

Omnislashver362959d ago

I'm thinking Sony has got something up their sleeves, they really do 'adjust' at the last minute, or hold out crucial info. What if PS4.5 is really 5 or so TFLOPS and out this year? It would mean Scorpio would be outing a new console gen a year later than Neo, throwing Scorpio into some kind of Dreamcast scenario... Too little, too late, and ready to be dominated by PS5. Very peculiar scenario.

nX2959d ago

Some funny comments in here, looks like Xbots have become more gullible lately.

Budrazor2959d ago

They aren't talking about hardware changes. Sony waits for MS to slip up like the DRM policy, then takes advantage of people dislikes and looks like they are for the gamers when they have similar interests from the start. Denial is strong in this one.

CitizenFour2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

If Sony changed anything, it was during the E3 where the consoles were first announced. It wasn't anything to do with their hardware either. They most likely saw MS go first and then adjusted price point of the PS4 to undercut that of the Xbox One, knowing this would put them in a favorable position to sell more units and leave MS looking greedy. A less powerful console for more money doesn't translate well. Sony took advantage of their high price point and adjusted theirs accordingly to look like the better deal. Genius really.

MagicBeanz2958d ago

Sony will have multiple things they can do waiting and ready and they can adjust as need be depending on how badly Microsoft crap the bed.

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iTechHeads2959d ago

These press conferences are planned carefully far in advance.

Unspoken2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Nah, Sony can see into the future with its VR tech and is able to change the flow of time however it suits them.

The PS3 was a time anomaly they had no control over because the distortion field collapsed. It allowd tachyon particles to flow through and affect it's consumer base which allowed them to critically think about their purchase.

creeping judas2959d ago

@unspoken \m/ \m/ for your comment!

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opinionated2959d ago

Lmao I'm so glad this was the first comment. It really pisses off the "e3 planned carefully in advance" Sony fanboys.

"Are you trying to say Sony is a reactionary company?!"

Yes you idiots lmao! All companies are. The companies that don't react and adapt are dead! They can easily adjust their presentation to counter Microsoft and yes they have already planned the contingency.

2959d ago
opinionated2959d ago

You guys are hilariously stubborn. You have watched e3s before, right? They are terrible most of the time. You act like its some rehearsed masterpiece that they are scared to change for any reason. It's simply not true.

Just because Sony is on top right now doesn't mean they will kick back and enjoy their spoils. That's not how any business works. It's full throttle at all times because that shit can change in an instant. If Microsoft drops bombs then Sony will answer in full. They won't make 2 shows but they will tweak and adjust. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant. You can think whatever you want though..

showtimefolks2959d ago

stonewall you are a xbox fanboy like we called you on uncharted 4 article but now you are showing your true colors

opinionated2959d ago

How am I an Xbox fanboy for saying that Sony will counter Microsoft if they need to? Its just business dummy, it's not "pro" or "anti" anything.. You wouldnt know true colors if they slapped you across the face. Too emotional, you're biased.

You call anyone who didn't worship UC4 an Xbox fanboy like a knee jerker. That makes you double stupid. But please, continue. I think it's funny.

Gol3m2959d ago

^no. But a child would use the phrase 'that makes you double stupid'. What are you a 12 year old?

opinionated2959d ago

No what lol? He is double the stupid for say two dumb things. You're even dumber for needing an explanation. What are you, 5?