A Simple Fix For Avoiding A Permaban In Overwatch

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

Hacking a game can be done for a number of reasons. Some do it to change things they don’t like about the game, whereas many do it to cheat, or gain a competitive advantage against the competition. Some developers will ban cheaters for a days or a few weeks, but Blizzard has decided to ban those cheating Overwatch permanently. How does one avoid a permaban? The answer is pretty simple.

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KindaGrump1794d ago

Hahaha who'd have thought it would be that easy! I can't stand hackers in multiplayer games. It's so stupid. Why do you want to ruin the game for others? It's so lame.

DiscoKid1794d ago

Pretty much my thoughts. It sends a message and shows Blizzard really cares about its game.

GamingTechUnited1794d ago

Good to see we're not alone on this one. I'm glad Blizzard is taking a stand on this. Overwatch isn't in need of any hacking, especially if it's going to hurt another player's experience. Loving the game and can't wait to see what the future holds for it!

Azurite1793d ago

I agree with banning accounts for cheating, but when they create new accounts and buy the game again, don't cheat and have no intenion to and still get banned I can understand why there'd be a complaint.

GamingTechUnited1793d ago

I can see getting upset with that to a point, but if you know that Blizzard is doing this sort of thing, why risk it in the first place? Sucks that they wasted another $40, but the reason they can't play their new copy is because they did cheat in the first place.