GameSpot: PAX 2008: Left 4 Dead: Hands-On

GameSpot: "If you're a fan of killing the undead (and yes we're aware of the irony) odds are you're looking forward to Valve's upcoming Left 4 Dead. The first person action game from Valve's Seattle-based Turtle Rock studio drops you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and tasks you with getting out alive. Unlike most games in the same "safe yourself from the zombies" vein, Left 4 Dead doesn't load you up with an arsenal of weapons and send you off on your own. In order to survive in the game you'll become fast friends with three other strangers who you'll need to stay alive. While we've seen the game quite a bit in the past months, we haven't had the chance to check out the upcoming Xbox 360 version until now. The console version of the game was playable in a Valve's booth on the PAX showfloor where attendees did their best to survive (and kill) together."

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