No Man’s Sky Gets New 1080p Screenshot; Shows Dinosaurs and Lovely Vista

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia officially announced the release date of No Man’s Sky in Japan. The local audience will be able to enjoy the game’s gazillion of procedurally generated planets on August 25th on PS4.

What's more interesting is that the press kit included a new screenshot.

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Zorkaz1795d ago

God this just makes you think however this turns out, it's gonna be awesome. Lots of people are going on about how it's gonna get boring quickly, but we'll never really know that until a few months after release, and from what we've seen so far ... it's just staggering. I mean the idea that we can do this in video game. It's a pretty big friekin' leap to have such a massive universe with stats that (obviously come nowhere to the real universe), do give you this feeling of massiveness, it's just amazing. And beautiful too ... I'm hopeful.

Whymii1795d ago

I agree. No matter what the reviews say and how quickly it may get boring, for some people it'll be the greatest game ever made. For them it'll be an experience like no other and that's what great games are really about.

garrettbobbyferguson1795d ago

For me it makes me think "gee, glad to know you're still showing the same exact screenshots from months ago".

jessionpc1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

The people who know its going to be boring quick are the intelligent ones.

It's a Minecraft like world generator that's seamless. The words may be different color, or have different temps or, "kinda", different animals. But it's all based on the same template.

Trust me. The first planet? OMG THIS SO KEWL! The second planet? WOW AWESOME I FLEW DOWN INTO IT WITHOUT LOADING?!?! The 3rd planet? Haha!... Wow cool... a new mineral... That's the same shape as the last one... Just a different color! OHH BUT THIS ONE HAS AN OCEAN OOOOO!

Trust me, by the 10th or so planet you fly to, even the densest kid will see it's the same with with variables every time.

And in this game? You can't even build a house... TBH? I envy the ignorant of ^ because they might be able to play this game for 200 hours and honestly think it's really new every time, without seeing the underlying rudimentary technology and math underneath.

As for me? I'll quickly notice how fish number 2, is the same as fish 1 with a longer tail, and it's gills are warped and twisted with a gill, "slider".

The game will get old in hours.


Yea, you can in minecraft too. And that's boring too after the initial first playthrough or 2. And at the very least there's a genuine REASON to go there, to find things to build your home. Here in this game? You fix your space jet. Woooooo....

madforaday1795d ago

You have to remember, you can't just fly to the next planet like it is nothing. You need to build a warp engine or whatever (to go to different solar system) you need enough fuel, you need to upgrade your suit and space craft. You need to learn Alien language to learn to trade with them and why they are there. This is a survival game and we will die a lot and learn what we can and can't do. Will some people get bored? Of course! These type of games aren't meant for everyone. For the people who do like these type of games, it is going to be insane!

Remember you are going to be stuck in your first solar system for a while. You are going to need to upgrade your suit and ship so you can get to the next planet for important material.

medman1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Those with imagination are in awe of the wonder and discovery No Man's Sky could bring......those without imagination think as you do.

dhammalama1795d ago

@jessionpc, you must be super duper smart.

Shubhendu_Singh1795d ago

I know I shouldn't care what other people think, but some gamers expectations from this title is so huge, there is bound to be massive disappointment or gamers crying foul for underdelivering.

I was in love with this game form the first moment, and excitement only grew. Still...I have a level head how this game is going to turn out. Will it deliver a gripping experience throughout 150hr? (No way, but what game really has ? - exceptions)
I just know for 60$, I will get an immersive 50-60 hours out of it (maybe much more), and that is exactly what I expect. It isn't the second coming of youknowho...

detroitmademe1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

From a gamers perspective I think this will be a good pick up and play game where you can play for a few minutes, explore a few planets every now and then. I know I'll definitely add it to my rotation Of gta online and rocket league

no_ripley1795d ago

Let's all hope it's not No Man's Lie

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