Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Focuses on Framerate Over Texture Quality and That’s OK

Hardcore Gamer: After playing through the entirety of the Xbox One version of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, however, it’s clear that DICE has put its focus squarely on gameplay as opposed to breathtaking visual quality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, as a precision-based title plays significantly better at sixty frames-per-second, but it is a bit staggering to play a game that doesn’t look all that different from its predecessor from the previous console generation.

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kevnb1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

is that all "jounalists" understand? Graphics dont come down to texture quality, and as long as you have enough vram texture quality doesnt impact performance all that much. I dont even think these guys know what textures are.

Bathyj1799d ago

The titles a bit misleading. They talk about the overall graphic quality and the 720p resolution, but they do mention texture streaming issues.

I guess we will see if this game gets supported and if the gameplay over graphics motto many preach is actually what they believe. Its certainly a bold move by the developer.

dantesparda1799d ago

And yet the framerate is a mess on this game.

Darkwatchman1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

You're kidding, right. 55-60 fps is SUCH a mess. Right?

I skipped around the video a lot since straight gameplay without commentary of some sort bores me and I never saw a drop below 57 in that video and most of it was 60 with a half second dropping to 59 then back to 60. Tell me again how the framerate is a mess? Just because the cutscenes are locked at 30? Non-interactive cutscenes being locked at 30 is your definition of a messy framerate? Okay, bud.

TWB1799d ago

I watched it for a minute and the framerate dropped twice under 50 and the worst it hit was 44. Its still not a mess, but the framerate is a little shakier than it should optimally be.

Darkwatchman1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Twice under 50 over 9 minutes of footage. Such a "mess".

dantesparda1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Well Im sorry you are so affected by this, but yes, the framerate is a mess. its fluctuating almost the whole time and it doesnt matter if it drops a frame or two or 15, both will cuz judder/stutter, thereby making it look framey, and watch the second half ofthe video, its starts to drops frames even worst.

Ysmir67231799d ago

Texture quality dosent drop the framerate 1 fps on a mid to high end pc.Tested on 1 1080 on 4k and averaged about 53fps and saw a minimum of 41(ULTRA).