What Your Favourite Overwatch Attacker Says About You

Pixelgate writes:


''Blizzard’s Overwatch is loud, bright and full of character. Each of the 21 heroes have their own traits and sense of expression. But what about the players? What does your choice of hero say about you?''

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Miguelitons1803d ago

Sounds interesting to me, nice!

camel_toad1803d ago

Pretty funny stuff there but I want to see the rest of the cast ;)

PixelGateUk1803d ago

Thank you ^^

All in good time! just wanted to get an idea of it was something worth posting. The defence heroes will be fun to cover

Soapboxhero1803d ago

Regardless of how i feel about the rest of the content got to say i got a good laugh out of "Never goes on the payload" on every single one. Best.