How the Xbox 'Scorpio' could dominate VR on console with Oculus Rift

We’ve been hearing a lot about Microsoft’s plan to launch a whole new Xbox gaming system dubbed the Scorpio at E3 2016. It is expected to be 4-times times the power of the Xbox One due to the rumored 6teraflops hardware specifications.

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ApocalypseShadow1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Anything is possible. No one knows who will end up on top with VR.But you got to look at the facts:

Microsoft will have to get most developers to become exclusive making games on the windows 10 platform which includes Xbox. Or, build development studios that will crank out hits on a consistent basis.

Oculus can't crank out hits. They don't have the experience of creating hits. They would have to buy them.If you remember, they are competing against Sony. Pick ANY GENRE, and Sony has a hit game in that field made by some of the best studios who are awarded on a consistent basis for their work in raising the bar. That can extend to VR as well. Microsoft doesn't have that pedigree either. And this is excluding Sony's movies, music, television, etc that Sony can make exclusive to PSVR. And PS Vue is delivering the cable.

Next, if Scorpio doesn't launch this year, that gives Sony ample time to sell units.which, if PSVR sells like PS4, it will give Sony the development lead for third party games. Gamers always think more power is the way to victory. It isn't. It's always a variety of games, ease of development,lead development and worldwide acceptance.

If someone says, "no, if the games look better, people will buy more." like PS4 sales. But that's not necessarily true in this instance. Developers don't know if VR will be a hit and become part of the industry. So, they are making bite sized VR games. No one is making big games right off or willing to spend lots of money to make bigger games for a device even if it's stronger in power. Vita learned that against 3DS.

Also consider cost. A new console and a rift won't be cheap. If gamers are lambasting Sony on the cost of both PS4 and PSVR, what do you think they will say to paying even MORE money to jump into VR with Scorpio and oculus? Price advantage goes to Sony as Sony is selling at profit with $399 and $499 bundle that we all know the headset and accessories are cheaper than that. They can just lower it even more. But we'll see. It's not as easy as you think.

freshslicepizza1794d ago

we all know sony has the upper hand with microsoft but to say oculus can't create hits is silly. how many hits did sony have with playstation move? so there goes that theory.

we all know vr is in its infancy which means we will get a ton of shovelware from all of them. and just because sony has a wealth of studios and ip's doesn't mean they will automatically translate well to vr. with the scorpio ms could have exclusive partnerships with oculus plus their own ip's to work with and there is no bigger ip out there than minecraft. they already wowed people with it and hololens so they could do it with minecraft as well.

Aenea1794d ago

How many game studios does Oculus have? And how many does Sony have?

And the theory is back in!

dcbronco1794d ago

There are more studios working on Oculus than any other VR platform. And every Sony game doesn't necessarily mean it's a potential VR game. The price difference is also minor. Since Oculus doesn't need a camera. And Microsoft can bundle Rift and eat the $50 to push numbers. Hell, they can split the fifty with Facebook.

If you think about this from the standpoint of someone new to VR on PC Scorpio is your best option.

Goldby1794d ago

Why does everyone compare Move games to VR games, they are two very different types of games and experience.

as for the hololens and minecraft fiasco (yes i said fiacso cuz they lied to everyone about it) you cant have a desk with ground block above and below the desk. unless that exact desk was built into the procedural map in minecraft. its field of view needs to be improved before it'll be worht it for people, and the design needs improvement in my eyes.

As for studios and games for PSVR. Sony is releasing 50 games this year alone. and the main difference between Oculus and PSVR. 120fps on PSVr. and a better looking screen, and a cheaper cost.

Yetter1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

@Aenea Oculus has no studios. Oculus doesn't make games, they make hardware and are trying to build an open platform where anyone can develop games for it and therefore have 10x the amount of studios working on VR games compared to Sony

freshslicepizza1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

"Why does everyone compare Move games to VR games, they are two very different types of games and experience."

everyone? so i speak for everyone? i used move as a perfect example because psvr is a peripheral as well and sony will not create aaa games for psvr that will not abandon those who don't have psvr. meaning just like they did with the playstation move sony will also try and put vr support into its regular games. when they do commit to just psvr games they will be indie style less risk games.

oculus also has a lot of money, much more than sony to throw around at developers. you think they will allow oculus to fail? you don't need to create your own game studios when you have have partnerships and deals in place or hire developers.

"As for studios and games for PSVR. Sony is releasing 50 games this year alone. and the main difference between Oculus and PSVR. 120fps on PSVr. and a better looking screen, and a cheaper cost."

better looking screen? don't make me laugh. psvr is more comfortable, nobody is saying its better.

you should watch the video with jeff gurtsmann talk about all the vr types, he enjoys it but knows we are only in the beginning. he does think sony does have the upper hand and that is to do with 40 million ps4 systems out there and lower costs. nobody is saying psvr is better hardware lol, it is not because they have better games. in fact he wasn't very impressed with any of the games beyond about 10 minutes of playing and says the htc unit offered the most immersive setup but its expensive and needs space to set up.

we are seeing the same cycle, some people are obviously eager to get it but the content is going to be light for all of them for at least a year or two.

Aenea1794d ago

@dcbronco @yetter

moldy said that Oculus can create hits too and I said that they can't because they don't have any gaming studios of their own. I never said that 3rd parties can't create hits, that would be silly to even think!

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lelo2play1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Microsoft has to do some work for VR but not much. Most of the work will have to be done by Facebook.
Facebook own Oculus Rift... they paid a crap load of money for it... they want Oculus Rift to succeed. Microsoft just have to glue them self's to Oculus Rift and go with the flow.

... and if Facebook have a extra platform (Xbox One) for Oculus Rift, they will welcome it.

DiRtY1794d ago

1) Facebook in combination with Microsoft is REALLY hard to beat. For basically every company in the world.

2) PSVR is limited to Playstation and VR goes way beyond gaming.

nuff said.

Aenea1794d ago

1) I don't get this reasoning, not at all, because they are 2 big companies with lots of money automatically means they will make the best hardware and software? That's nonsense!
2) So? As if the Xbox Scorpio will be used for more than just VR games...

Goldby1794d ago


Except sony has the backing of medical institutions for training purposes, as well as some astronought training simulators. on top of that, they have a specialized cable (Vue) and playstation Theatre that is easily a PSVR market MS doesnt have.

VR isnt just for Gaming.

fllysurfer1794d ago

Sony executives mentioned that PSVR might be made to work on PC. Microsoft is making Oculus ubiquitous to console and windows, Sony would smart to enable PSVR for windows also. Even more so since they have other content investments aside from games that can be consumed , such as video or movies.

Unfortunately Sony has never been prone to that sort of openness with their hardware and clearly suffered by that stance. The Vita with its proprietary memory cards is one of the most recent examples of that.

VR will be a head-on war (pun intended) in terms of hardware and exclusive software titles and we are sure to see plenty of failures in the next 2 years specially while a standart isn't established. I lost count of how many headset are on the market, although we mainly consider Oculus, Vive and PSVR.

Also we tend to talk a lot about VR but less about AR and I truely believe "greatness" will come from mixing the two on a single device but that a discussion for another time. Building worthwhile experiences is complicated and it will take a while before we get there. Interesting times ahead, eager to see what will memorable but also scared of the terrible shovelware that we will get.

Neonridr1794d ago

Rift still has better tech when compared to the PSVR straight up. This would be a smart move by MS as it would give them an immediate VR solution to compete with PSVR. All PC owners with a Rift could simply just buy a Scorpio and then have VR on two different platforms, something Sony owners will not be able to boast about.

Yetter1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

So to your first point, you can have a game released on UWP through the Win10 store as well as a regular Win32 .exe released through steam.

Oculus doesn't make games, they make hardware and are an open platform and therefore anyone can make games for Oculus including some of the best studios on the planet i.e Rockstar and CDProjektRed

A lot relies on PSVR having something to show that the masses will want to buy. There are many people on this site that seem to think this comment board reflects what the masses desire but its not even close. N4G is a bubble. I work at software development firm for enterprise solutions and I'm pretty much surrounded by other gamers. I've never heard PSVR brought up in conversation.

Goldby1794d ago

the second facebook bought oculus they turned it into a closed system.

Aenea1794d ago

Ehmmm, if you have a good idea for a game you can make one for the PS4/PSVR as well, you need a dev.kit tho, yes. Also all the best studios on the planet can also make content for the PSVR, no clue why you have to mention them for the Rift *puzzled look*

The thing is, Sony has many game studios, Oculus has none, not saying all the Sony studios will suddenly release plenty of VR games, it does mean they have non-Indie studios that can make games for it BESIDES all the 3rd studios out there...

Zeref1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

lol "Microsoft doesn't have that pedigree" getfo

Microsoft has plenty of talent to create hits.

Also Rift has more developers. Which means If xbox one scorpio supports(rumored to support full pc games) it it will have all Oculus games. So Oculus Rift will have the backing of Microsoft, Third Party PC and Console devs and Facebook/Oculus.

PSVR is limited to one platform. So devs will have a lot of extra work if they want to cover all platforms.

It will still be less work for devs. Since they don't have to code for something extra.

Aenea1794d ago

What if the Scorpio won't support full PC games? Because frankly I think that's highly unlikely!

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Xavy1794d ago

Dominate with what?

No install base. MS will need to reset its console gen from scratch lol, because its good for gamers.
Oculus Rift cost 600$ + Xbone S 500 $

Yeah i dont think so, sound more like a fanboys wet dream.

marquisray1794d ago

So you honestly think they would sell for 1100 the playstation would cost 1000 after taxes and thats fine? i think after all that talk of why would you buy a gimped xbox when you can buy power and better graphics is catching up to sony fans this is going to be good lol

Aenea1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Do you see the Xbox Scorpio sell for less than $400 then?
And do you think if it's bundled with a Rift that it's going to be a lot less than $1000 total?
(and please, in EU the price of the Rift is not €600, it's higher due to VAT, so they would even have to sell lower to match the EU PSVR prices)

Of course, if MS is willing to lose a lot of money per sale they might actually do it, but still you need a new console for it while PSVR works on the existing PS4s...

(and don't give me this BS that the Neo is for PSVR, it is not, the Neo can improve games visuals and yes, that also means it can do so for VR games, but the current games for Rift/Vive/PSVR aren't all that graphically intensive yet anyways...)

Yetter1794d ago

Its not that much different than the PS 4.5 conversation. mark my words, in two years time PSVR will be basically unplayable on the original PS4

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ScorpiusX1794d ago

Cool look forward to more news on the matter .

fllysurfer1794d ago

The leap when 2nd generation VR devicesget launched will be comparitive to going from "coal to electricity". So I'm going to go easy on first gen investments.

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