Introducing the Forza Racing Championship for Xbox One

While this isn’t the Forza surprise that Microsoft has planned for E3 2016 (or is it?), Microsoft has just dropped a bombshell regarding Forza. Coming this Summer for Forza 6 is the Forza Racing Championship.

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Congrats Tun10

The numbers won't surprise anyone as both Forza 6 an Forza Horizon 2 are the top games of their genre this gen with the metacritic scores to prove it; just like last gen.

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please explain how more than 50% of the people who own an Xbox have Forza Motorsport 6. also show proof of that as well.

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1. It's not Forza 6 but the whole franchise on XBO
2. It's likely just a tally of total sales of the series. It's not really 11 million players, but 11 million copies sold across the 3 games out this gen and the individual players that played at least one of them.
3. Forza is currently the most played racing game on consoles, so I wouldn't shrug at that accomplishment.

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